3DDream Virtual Exhibition by Pangian: Lampros Kalfuntzos! Check it out!


Hi Pangians - check this out!

One of our Pangians - Lampros Kalfuntzos - has created this 3DDream Virtual Exhibition that can be viewed online at: https://tinyurl.com/y9svgy47

About Lampros:

My name is Lampros Kalfuntzos and I am originally from Greece. Currently based in UK. Everything I do, I do with love! I have a big passion for photography and design and always trying to combine both media wherever I am.

I am a highly passionate photographer driven individual with a love of not only working behind camera, but also in front one. Specialising in fashion editorial shoots, underwater and creative portrait photoshoots.

I discovered photography at a very early age when I came across my brother’s portfolio and the online art communities, deviantART and Renderosity. With photography you can always push your limits and try different things especially from inspiration from films.

Photography started as a hobby for me but at this time I can say it’s part of one of my jobs.

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Beautiful work.
Hope to see more of this.


thank you so much for your comments

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I would suggest you guyz try to get a partnership deed with most of the video conference gigs to use your themes as backdrops.

You can come up with more personalized themes that can be used by companies and individuals as backdrops during their video conferencing, webinar or summit instead of having a plan background.
So I will advise you guyz to reach to to Zoom, Ring Central, Loom, Google and Microsoft.
I wish you big good luck in the future.


@o.bunmi60 great suggestion for @lamproskalfuntzos! Love it. Always thinking bus dev :slight_smile:

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Hmmm…let me say thanks for liking my suggestion, I love to lend a helping hand and encouraging people to bring out the best in them.
I think as we all in this “new normal” life together, it’s about time we have new companies spring up to create more jobs for people cos from my research I can tell there are a whole lot of people out of job now.

I can’t imagine a company posting for one job position and over 20,000 people would apply for the job. This is really not sustainable, but I can only hope for a better future.

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And hey! talking of bus dev, I would also like to see more companies or individuals developing apps to protect the kids on the internet from cyber bully and all other cyber crimes.
Of recent, CNN published an article on the high rate of cyber crimes being reported and this seems to be getting out of control especially now that more kids have been exposed or forced to study from home. Schools, Parents and the Governments can’t do it alone.

So to our software devs in the house, It’s about time we start having apps being developed to combat these cyber crimes more specifically to protect all kids studying online.


@o.bunmi60 totally agree. That’s part of our mission of Pangain community - a community of respect and kindness.

Thank you for being such a positive influence in our tribe.