9 Planets & 9 Astrological Remedies for all Health Problems

Diseases have become quite commonplace these days. Due to the change in environment and also our lifestyles, we tend to fall sick quite often. Common colds, cancer, sexual dysfunction, and depression are common phenomena in today’s life.
If your family members fall sick again and again, in addition to checking with the doctor you can also consult an astrologer. A Vedic Astro Taare Astrologer can help you get a cure for your suffering.
This blog will share information on how disease and the planet are correlated.

Planets and diseases are associated with each other.

  1. Sun

The weak sun can supply diseases like eye, blood, heart, epilepsy, skin problems, etc. Some remedies to churn the position of the sun strong-

  • It’s good to feed cows with jaggery and wheat.
  • Chant Gayatri’s mantra for positive energy.
  • Ruby ring for the weak sun.
  1. Mercury

Mercury-born diseases like itching, typhoid, paralysis, ulcer, indigestion, jaundice, etc., are caused due to the weak Mercury. Some cures for this disease-
Try to avoid wearing green clothes
Offer milk and rice at the temples
wear a steel ring on your finger.

3. Venus

According to the online astrologer, weak Venus can produce diseases like throat disease, genital disease, endocrine gland, infertility etc. Some of the essential remedies to correct the weak Venus:

  • Chant Durga Chalisa
  • Donate ghee at the temples
  • Always carry a silver item with you.
  • Worship Goddess Laxmi on Thursday.
  1. Jupiter

Jupiter represents success for an individual, but weak Jupiter can bring diseases like obesity, cancer, brain disorder, and ear and tongue-related problems. One can follow these steps:

  • Wear a gold jewellery
  • Donate and help the poor and orphans.
  • Use your father’s used items.
  1. Saturn

Strong Saturn can give good health for a long time. But a weak Saturn in a birth chart can bring nervous disorder, indigestion, asthma, indigestion problems, and many more. Here are the remedies:

  • Present footwear and black urad dal to poor people
  • Helping hand for the blind people
  • Avoid taking buffalo’s milk

6. Rahu

The shadow of the planet Rahu can harm the body, like smallpox, sudden injury, accident, weakness etc. Some of the effective steps to follow:

  • Eat coconut in a day
  • Never eat any stale or leftover food
  • Try to complete your dinner by 7
  • Drink sandalwood sherbet.

7. Moon

If you are feeling irritation, insomnia, vomiting, cough, or anaemia, probably it is due to a weak moon. Moon is a symbol of peace and happiness. To cure your unstable moon, follow these steps:

  • Donate white clothes to poor people.
  • Wear silver bangle
  • Keep fast on Monday and meditate daily.

8. Ketu

A person who has unstable Ketu may suffer from stagnancy, hernia, joint pains, and spinal problems. One needs to do these steps:

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  • At home, keep a sliver pot filled with honey.
  • Keep a silver ball with you.
  • Wear gold jewellery
  • Gift blankets to the poor.

9. Mars

People with unstable Mars suffer from loose motion, tumours, blood pressure, piles, bleeding etc. Prefer to perform these steps:

  • Donate blood if possible
  • Offer sorbet to the Sun
  • Donate money to farmers

Final takeaway

The above steps are simple and easy to follow at home but are highly beneficial remedies. Online astrology is a good option to get an idea about remedies without stepping out of your home. Do give it a try.