Advice for Transition to Technical Writer/Instructional Designer


Any advice for someone looking to move into a career in technical writing or instructional design? Presently I’m a copywriter who’s done a few instructional documents with a background in teaching martial arts and board games.


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Hello @lawrencegrabowski Welcome to the Pangian community! I want to share this video about changing/moving careers: You can find more of that in our Pangian Remote Academy. Best of luck!

I have wondered similarly. I have written protocols and training documents at most of my jobs and was curious if I could make a career out of learning a system and writing its protocols.

I invite you to visit the Facebook Group Instructional Design Jobs, which has good starting points for training (some is free) and entry points for corporate instructional design. We also post the occasional remote job there. Good Luck!

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Thanks! I’ll look into it right now.