Affordable 5 French Language Course in Mumbai

Do you live in Mumbai? If yes, you probably already know how much the importance of learning a language is growing. The competition in the professional world is seeking people with the added skill to add value to their companies. Knowing a second language is a bonus for professionals seeking better job opportunities. And if you come from Mumbai and you are in search of the Right French language course in Mumbai, you have come to the right place.
There is a sharp rise in the institutions offering language courses. It is a visible change in education. Students are looking to enhance their professional value by adding language skills to their work profiles. Some of the languages that have been surely gaining recognition are French, German, Spanish, Korean, Russian, and others because of education and job opportunities. So if you are looking French Language Course in Mumbai, let’s begin-

  1. Henry Harvin
    Henry Harvin is now one of the top educational centers in India recognized for its quality services. Henry Harvin French Language Course is a 9 in 1 course with 100% practical training. The course covers A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2 levels of the French language. The course also trains for exams such as DILF, DELF, DALF, DCL, & TCF.
    The candidates get free access to projects, internships, and regular bootcamps spread across the 12 months from the time of joining hackathons. The learners also get lifetime access to online videos, assignments, and abundant tools and techniques. The course is designed as per the popular GCAO Pedagogy. The training includes-
    A1: 56+ hours
    A2: 56+ hours
    B1: 66+ hours
    B2: 66+ hours
    C1: 66+ hours
    C2: 66+ hours
    The trainers have 15+ years of working experience, recognized by leading organizations. They have successfully delivered 100+ keynotes and over 350+ lectures.
  2. French At Alliance Francaise De Bombay
    Established in 1883, the Alliance Francaise has shown thousands of students across the world the French civilization. The organizations hold a nonprofit cultural goal. It has around 15 Alliances Francaise in India alone, in all the important cities.
    Since learning the French language is important in understanding French culture, the institution focuses on teaching French. It also promotes cultural and social events in the French language.
    The Alliance Francaise can be the best French Language Course in Mumbai, designed for all age groups.
    The curriculum includes a beginners level (A1&A2), an Intermediate level (B1&B2), and Advanced levels (C1&C2). The course also helps kids to develop confidence in French and prepare for exams.
  3. The Cambridge Institute
    The Cambridge Institute is also a popular institution for French Language Course. The candidates practice writing, reading, and speaking in 6 different languages including French. Having years of education, The Cambridge Institute has slickly designed French language courses promoting a learner-friendly environment. a
    The trainers are skilled with modern tools and techniques aiding the students to improve their French skills. The course covers A1- C2 levels of the French Language.
    The duration of the classes differs between 2-3 months.
  4. Second Language Tongue Institute
    This institution started only as tutoring a few juniors and then went on to establish a life-changing full-fledge French Language Course for Mumbai dwellers. The institution has trained over 5000 students as yet with a continuous increase in the number of candidates online.
    The institution apart from the French language offers French, German, Japanese, English, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, Sanskrit, Portuguese, and Turkish.
    The French language offers 11 courses stretched across the year for the different age groups.
  5. Excel Academy
    Excel Academy is also a good French Language Course in Mumbai that provides tailor-made courses for reading, writing, conversational and translational levels according to the timing of the students.
    Excel Academy has training centers at Andheri and Malad.

The above list of French Language Course in Mumbai will surely help you to get started with learning the French Language.

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