Any one in Australia, Vietnam or Pakistan pls?

Anyone in Australia, Vietnam or Parkistan looking for partnership pls?

Hi , I live in Vietnam , can you tell me more details.

Glad to hear from you. I’m in the marketing field and looking for possible partnership with anyone in rendering marketing services. If you do not mind, I will send you details in PM.

Hi, any update from you?

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I’m Vietnamese, Web developer and looking for remote job, could you give me more detail if it fits. Tks

Hello @vukienha, Nice meeting you. Well I’m also looking for job but seems no company is recruiting that’s why am kinda looking for partnership with individuals. If you do not mind, I will send you details in PM. Thanks.

Ok. Nice to meet you too.

I’m from Pakistan. Kindly send details of the type of partnership.

Hey @shaheer, am glad to meet you too.
Well like I said earlier, I lost my job due to the Covid-19 too and it’s been difficult getting another job since March. But I believe we could create jobs for ourselves if we can partner and explore the industry. I feel the big companies are only capitalizing on their investments now so they are less concerned about the millions of people out of job due to the pandemic.
The idea is within digital marketing and online training, so I will send details.
If we can form a group of 5 here, I believe we can make a good small company.