Any Tips To Finding A Legitimate Remote Job

Hello everyone! I am very new here but this website is so cool. I have been trying to find a job to work at home but it is nearly impossible to find anything. The only experience I have is in the food industry which involves some customer service. I don’t have a degree yet but am working towards one. Are there any tips anyone has to finding a remote job for someone with low or practically no experience? I appreciate any responses and thank you for your time with reading this.

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Hi @tbm0cha, welcome to Pangian! I also have a hard time starting my remote journey, I watch tutorials on youtube, udemy showcademy and skillshare. They offer free trials for a limited time, but if you have the budget, much better to subscribe to them. Also, check our Pangian Academy, you’ll surely learn from @mag’s tips.

Hi @tbm0cha great to meet you and welcome to Pangian tribe! I’m Mag, the founder of Pangian - I’ve been remote for 10+ years so I totally understand the journey when you are first beginning.

Go ahead and check out our: Resource - GO REMOTE section. Here is the link:

Scroll to the middle and you will see lots of video training I recorded including one specifically: " 3 tips how to get started working remotely when you have no experience."

Hope that helps