Aspiring Nomads

Hi all, I just joined Pangian and looks like a great community!

Every day after work I read blogs of other people traveling the world and working remotely while I look out the window of my NYC apartment. I have a great full-time job working in data-analytics for a startup company (no complaints, of course, I’m quite thankful to have a job during tough times), but also a strong of an itch to just pick up and travel. I’ve read about many opportunities out there that enable someone to work and travel, such as teaching English or dropshipping on Amazon, which seem like great paths. Personally, I feel it may be a setback for some as these roles aren’t necessarily great for progressing a career in the business world, and could be limiting.

I just wanted to reach out and see if there may be others in a similar boat who have done something like this before that would have some advice, or maybe are like me and looking for a new project and potentially someone to collaborate with. I love talking about start-up ideas and especially data and tech projects. I’d be more than willing to connect with like-minded individuals and just brainstorm ideas also.


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Hey glad to hear that you got a job, there are millions of job lost around the world now due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Well the best advice I can give is “Please keep to your job” at least for now, cos it seems no company is employing right now. Never quit your job for any uncertain remote position please!!!

Hi Steve!

Welcome to the Pangian community. Great to hear from you. First of all, congrats that you have a great and stable job during this time of uncertainty. But I do want to say that I hear you! I understand how you feel. I like you have the itch to pick up and travel. Here are the thing that’s I have been thinking about:

  • At the moment it is really hard to do that because many countries have not yet opened their borders
  • Flights will be crowded and possibly dangerous (the longer the flight the higher the risk)

based on this factor I have decided to use my current time and energy to save as much money as possible to be able to travel as soon as possible.

In your specific case, I will suggest taking this time to truly evaluate the opportunities there. I bet there are a lot of good positions for Data science and analytics that can be done remotely. If not something in the same field (Databases, system analyst, or many other positions).

Don’t compromise on your vision and keep looking for a good quality job that can be done remotely.

I have travel a lot, but it was few years back, so to be honest I would not have a good idea on how to do it properly under current global circumstances. But if you have any questions feel free to let me know and I will be happy to help. :slight_smile:


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@sbhutch88 I just noticed that a new Data Science Remote job became available on the site. Check it out HERE.

Appreciate that Rick!

I feel you, but my situation is borderline stable… the hospitality industry. I am currently employed but our company isn’t looking all that great with revenue so I am sure times are coming. I been very interested in remote jobs, Or computer desk like jobs which leave room for travel. I don’t see myself running around as much when I get older. My current issue is transitioning into a new field… I am very interested in digital marketing but not sure how to get in with my skills. Companies that train to hire is my scoop I guess.