Best advice about remote resume

  1. Keep it focused - if you are applying for marketing position - make sure that your resume reads like you are a marketing expert or passionate about the subject

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  1. Be sure to familiarize yourself with tools that remote teams often use such as Google Hangouts, Slack, Asana, Skype, etc. That way you can list them on your resume under Communication Tools.

  2. Tweak your resume for each job you apply to. Job applications have buzzwords such as communication, develop, organize, etc. You can add those words to your resume to catch the eye of the employer or whatever resume scanner they use.

  3. Add job experiences that even involved partial remote work. For example, maybe a previous company you worked for let you work remotely every Friday. That counts as remote experience!

  4. If you’re applying for a design remote job, be sure that your resume is visually appealing. I created mine in Adobe Illustrator and exported it as a PDF file. ( to upload it here I exported it as a .jpg)

  5. Speaking of PDFs, send your resume as a PDF. Its easier to view in emails.


Hey Christina, I just read an article explaining how ATS does not read pdf documents and to never send resumes in pdf or he will simply reject them, since he cannot scan them. Only doc. documents were advised.

Actually, it depends on which ATS software. Most accept the most common formats like.txt, .doc(x) and .pdf, but others will accept .odf, rtf, etc.


I converted a cover letter in Notes on the phone to pdf (via phone shortcut). When opening the pdf on my phone, the right margin is partially obstructed. I sent 2 off this week without realizing. Note to self: always reopen new files/attachments before sending.

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@melaniesmith I can totally relate. After sending files that don’t look/open properly - I now try to test every single thing. Thanks for a great reminder.

Hello how are you doing?
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Hello how are you doing?
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