Co-Founder/Partner needed for an upcoming Incubator (which will pay you $5,000.00 just for showing up)

The “niche” here is downsizing/ laid off/fired women… and showing/teaching them how, w/in a very-few-months (some quicker, some longer - of course) they can make as much/MORE money than they were making at their job… by staying IN THEIR COMMUNITIES and using their laptop, smartphone or tablet.

“We” know that they’ll have massive freedom and actually work less, but “they” don’t since to most folks that aren’t Techies to begin with, the DN Life/style is unfathomable!

Here’s a link to the Incubator:

MOST IMPORTANT is to make sure those dates work for you (listed in the link), then… if you think you have what it takes, post below, please.

Oh yeah, although there’s nothing there yet, the Domain will be:

PS - I’m not going to go into it here, now… but there’s a legitimate, factual reason that a guy is (re)launching an all-female Tech Biz… which I’ll gladly explain to anyone I chat with, but please ignore that fact for now :slight_smile:

This is truly an UNparallelled opportunity for the right woman… are you her?

If you’re a woman, you know how to build a digi biz, you have management experience and you’re hungry, this is what you’ve been waiting for!

PS - I was given permission to post this, here.