Collab together, skill exchange opportunities?

Hi, everyone… Do you guys fancy a collaboration or skill exchange for portfolio with each other. That would be great, or is it already happening and i’m the only one that didn’t know? :smiley:

Hey Edwin - I know a bunch of us have helped each other in boosting our LinkedIn profiles but I’m sure if you had something more like a portfolio outside of LinkedIn, you could find many members here to collab with. I’m more on the support side of things so outside of LI I don’t have a portfolio, but there a lot of devs here that I’m sure would be on board with this. Welcome to the community and best of luck out there!

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Hi Bruce,
LinkedIn profile? Hmmm. this will be a good place to start.

Yes it is very good. Since I’m new in this remote world, maybe I can use a little help, and i have my expertise to exchange.

Thank you for your reply, Bruce :smiley: