Companies Working Remotely in 2020 - THE LARGEST LIST (Help us build it)

Hi Pangians!

I wanted to share that as part of our Pangian mission of recruiting and hiring top remote talent - we are building the largest list of


We will be adding new companies daily and we need your help to build it.

  • If you know about a company working or hiring remotely that is not on the list - please comment below with info and we will add you to the list. We have 100,000+ monthly visits and over 85,000 remote candidates on the site and we want everyone to learn more about remote companies.

  • Also, if you know about anyone looking for a remote job - please share this link with them as we are adding remote jobs daily (hundreds of remote jobs every week)

Stay safe and healthy. Best, Mag


Noted, I’ll try to look here in Philippines.

There’s probably a few here in Brazil, but with pay being so low, and the USD being so high, it’s probably not worth it. If the USD goes any higher, we’ll have clerks in gas stations from the U.S making more than engineers here.

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Hi @beniciokhan our first goal is to get every company that works or hires remotely on the list - that’s the most important to create our largest list. We never know when somebody needs that job. If a company that does not offer high salaries yet, hopefully, as those companies grow and develop - the salaries will increase.

So if you know about any company working remotely - please list it below and help us build the list. Sending my best, Mag

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Hello, It is a great idea to share knowledge and i would totally increment the list if it was a paid task…since i was just proposed to pay a monthly Pangian Fee to access jobs offers! :grin:

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@LolaPepita no worries - our Pangian community is all about supporting each other as much as we can. The employers are adding themselves every day to the list and if you can share the link further - please do.

Regarding Paid Pro membership, in addition to paid program, we also share 1000+ new remote jobs on our free job board - so try that first.

As for Pangian PRO membership - we also offer an option to join for free through a referral program. Here are more details -

I hope that helps. Cheers to going remote.

Hi Pangians!

10 new employers just addd!


I don’t know if this counts, but I’m on Hubspot a lot and was curious to see if they accommodated remote work. They published a blog post last year about how they are making remote work part of company culture, and there is a page for their remote career listings (this one: Does this count, or qualify for the list?

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@lirrse great one!!! I love Hubspot and they are definitely hiring and working remotely. I already included them in our queue to be added to the list. I will keep you updated.

Thanks so much!

No worries! I’ll keep my eyes peeled for more :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much @lirrse . Same thing on my side! It’s time to help the world go remote L)

Hi @lirrse Hubspot is added. They have 8 remote job opening. Here is the full list with Hubspot included:

Thank you so much!

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Ooh! How exciting! No problem! I’m spending my weekend checking out the jobs or careers page of every website I visit :grin: This is fun!

If I come across something I don’t see on the list already, I’ll make a note! Thanks for doing this!

10 more remote companies added today. Specifically, check out Jungle Scout on the list - they just opened up remote positions in the Philippines and Poland!

Go for it.