Corona Virus - Where in the world are you and the situation in your city

Hi awesome Pangians!

The coronavirus upbreak is taking a toll on all of us especially as we, Pangians are located around the world and many of us are digital nomads traveling the global. As more and more physical events and locations get canceled, I wanted to open this virtual space for all us so we can check-in with each other and support each other through out the process - event if all you need is a moment to smile.

Please share where are you located right now, how is the situation in your city.

Are you able to work remotely?

It would seem to me that this could be a good time for remote contract workers to find at least short term positions. Business needs to keep moving. As I’m looking for a remote position I’m driving for Uber. Currently in a relatively small community in Nebraska and picked up a rider just the other day. She was in from Chicago to service a client. Just so happens it was a local hospital. When she showed up for her appointment she was told they were not seeing any vendors at this time due to the Corona Virus. They did finally let her in because she had traveled so far. This was for a training session on some medical equipment. Seems it could have been handled via a webinar or virtual demo.

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@dougweber you are so right. I know so many venues are canceling physical location events and training and going virtual. In this situation - that sounds like the safest thing to do.

I’m in San Francisco. So far so good. I just came back from a grocery store and I didn’t see major changes in the number of people or behavior but I know we have few cases in the state and also the resent cruise line that arrived in Oakland.

Stay safe in Nebraska. Do you see Uber routes diminishing or is the traffic the same as before?

I write for a medical manufacturer and distributor in Chicago. Yesterday they told any of us who are able can voluntarily work from home for the foreseeable future. I haven’t seen any major disruptions otherwise. Less traffic downtown maybe. Now I’m getting ready to cozy up to my desk at home and start writing.

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I am really wanting to get remote work. As this corona virus continues, what kind of effects is this going to have on being able to get remote work? Is it going to make it harder, as this is negatively effecting the economy and will impact job search?

I am in Michigan, US, and the corona virus is here in my state. Lots of events are being cancelled or postponed. A lot of colleges and universities are switching to online classes. Businesses and schools are doing the necessary precautions. Michigan’s governor has stated we are in a state of emergency.

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@lawrencegrabowski First - I am so glad you are safe and healthy - that’s the most important in this situation. And so glad your employers jumped on board to support the team with remote work. Stay safe in Chicago and enjoy your cozy work at home and lots of awesome writing!

On my side, San Francisco still ok too. There is a contraction side in my neighborhood and I see the crew is still building. I also took a quick walk during lunchtime and I see others walking outside as normal in the local park.

In Bali right now. Everything seems to be quite normal, while other parts of the world are on lockdown. That does not mean that Bali is safe. Absolutely not.

It is a difficulty worldwide to find the balance between taking it super seriously and take all possible precautions possible and at the same time not being paranoid and freak out.

Some things we should consider

  • Many numbers of governments are wrong, there are most likely many more cases worldwide as what we know now
  • Many people carry the virus and transmit it to other people without even knowing it
  • The growth rate is exponential (depending on the region e.g. the numbers of infected people double every 2 days)
  • We have no real treatment at the current moment
  • We cannot fight the virus, we can only try to lower the pace of the exponential growth by taking active measures
  • Every single person should act in solidarity
  • It is not 100% clear if there is an impact on people’s health who overcome the disease (sorry, not sure if disease is the correct term here)
  • Countries which official cases are not that high yet, have chances to keep it low if they act now and therefore win time
  • There are different laws, governments have different interests, governments have different strengths to enforce measures
  • It is probably not supportive to share photos of empty shelves in supermarkets as people freak out even more
  • There is a lot of fake news out there

Hi @gretchenstatezni glad to have you in us and so glad to hear that you are safe and healthy. I think it’s hard to say how Corona Virus will impact remote work. On one side - yes if the economy gets affected -employers may stop hiring until after everything recovers. However, there are a lot of businesses that have 100% online operations - and I think these businesses will keep hiring.

For now we are no seeing major changes yet. We share new remote job opportunities daily on Pangian and with all activities from school to work now switching online, there could be more acceptance of remote work.

Sending healthy vibes.

I am in Las Vegas, and as of today they have shut down Wynn and Encore Resorts, as well as MGM Grand and other MGM properties. Our economy will tank

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Oh @lorshkakatorshka wow - that’s big. I think there is an economic stimulus coming for airline, cruise, and hotel/travel industry. Hopefully, that will help the affected industries.

How are you doing? Do you have a lot of cases of sickness in your state?

I’m sending lots of healthy vibes your way.

Love your words. I’m 100% behind taking all the precaustions so we all act responsibly and support each other in stopping the virus from spreading. However, I also heard from doctors specializing in these type of situations is due to negative information and isolation - there is a serious risk of developing depression so our goal at Pangian is to continue supporting each other both with knowldege and words of encouragment and hope.

That’s why I love to stories of Italians:

Balcony singing in solidarity has been a growing reaction to the coronavirus lockdown in Italy:

One more - I love these acts of hopefulness and solidarity coming from Italy.

Check out this video: “People locked inside turn to their windows and balconies singing so everyone feels less lonely. Here is Naples singing “Abbracciame” (Hug me)


Yes I have seen the number of requests diminish over the past 3 days. The UNLK campus has shut down. Going virtual. Schools and events closing or cancelling, etc.
I believe we will be OK as we don’t have the density here as they do in the big cities and reliance on public transportation.

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@dougweber the most important you are healthy. Same here …

I’m in San Francisco and just ordered “Shelter in place” - meaning, starting tomorrow we can only leave home for essentials - otherwise we must stay home.

I’m super grateful to be working remotely - but I will miss all the ‘real’ human interactions. I’m thinking of organzing virtual sessions for Pangians.


Hi @Mag, Our place is now on lockdown, without enough time for us to prepare. they told us not to panic but now, we’ll really have to face a very hard situation. All public forms of transportation suspended and if you have a private vehicle, then you are allowed. Hope we can surpass this problem.

Hi All,
Here in S Vietnam in a city called Vung Tau. No reported cases as yet but a couple of people tested. Vietnam seems to have the lowest incidents of the virus through SE Asia. Perhaps it is the culture of wearing masks, anyway I am told the government reacted pretty quickly as well.
So, GOOD LUCK and GOOD HEALTH to all my fellow Pangians.

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Hi Everyone - I am in Costa Rica and am personally maintaining a pretty normal lifestyle. The country just closed its borders to all foreigners for at least 1 month, so we will see if that may slow the spread of the virus. We are up to 69 cases but the real number may be much higher because not everyone is able to get tested.

I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy!

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@nicholasmedhurst1 so good to hear you are doing well and most of your community in Vung Tau is healthy and safe.

I’m in California - the number of corona virus cases is increasing here and we are now on full lockdown. We can still go outside to a grocery store and essential trips like doctor’s office but that’s it.

Sending my best.

In Israel, we’re supposed to self-quarantine except groceries, pharmacy, and similar but it’s not being taken seriously and the # of cases grows daily. Very scary times, the unknown is unknown.

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Please stay at home for your safety and your family as well.