Customer Service Remote Work as an African?

So, I’ve been looking for remote work for a while now - I can’t just seem to get a hold on a good one

Lately, I’ve felt that may be because of where I live - Nigeria, or the fact that I’m African? But, to be honest, I’m used to matching or surpassing the contributions of my colleagues from the west - in any organization I find myself.

I’ve worked remotely for her 5 years as a freelancer web developer, I’ve also lead a Customer Support Team to amazing heights (trust me :slight_smile:) - a Startup Web Hosting Company

My resume can be easily found here:

I’m hoping to get connected to reputable companies or amazing startups that can hire me. If not, advise would go a long wayyy!


Welcome to Pangian, Anthony. I will tell you that finding remote work is challenging, and you’ll need patience. If I had known this when I started 6 months ago, I would’ve taken a regular job just to pay the bills while I search. This has been my full-time job.

I know that some companies hire people from Africa, but a lot of companies are limited by national laws that make it challenge. Don’t give up! I wish you success!


Hey Glenn!

Thanks a bunch for your suggestions.

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Hi Anthon!

Just wanted to give you some encouraging words. I have a colleague who lives in Nairobi. Race/location shouldn’t be an issue, ever. Most remote teams are actively looking for a team that is spread out all over the globe. Of course, there are remote companies who want to have people only in certain locations, but this usually has something to do with taxes and/or security.

Don’t give up searching for a remote job! I found one two months ago and it definitely changed my life.




I can give you some resume tips from Pangian Academy.


Hi folks,

Perhaps you can read the advice from me and others in What am I doing wrong? I'm having a hard time finding a remote job.

Also, I listed many, many resources in my articles:

I hope you will find them useful.

I update them when I find new info. In fact, I updated the first one today.

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I can just give you the core points to include and the format Mag used in her resume class. That would probly the best.

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I can also send you a copy of her example

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Thanks for the encouraging words @Deian, really appreciate!

That would be really nice. Please send a DM