Customer service specialist looking for remote job

Hi there!

I’m Jenna from the USA. I am searching for a remote customer service/virtual assistant/chat support job.

I have about 10 years of experience in customer service ranging from hospitality and front desk reception roles to running an online jewelry business. I am passionate about connecting with people and problem solving, and my compassion for others does not go unnoticed!

I currently work at a boutique hotel in midtown Manhattan at the front desk and concierge department, but I am looking to bring my work on the road with me and utilize my years of customer service experience online. I am tech-savvy, a quick learner, and self motivated.

Would love to hear from any prospective employers!
Thank you!


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Welcome! We should make a company, Jenna. I have decades of customer and tech support experience and love helping people, problem solving, troubleshooting, process development, analysis and more! :slight_smile: