Data entry job to contract to me

Hi, I am coming to this board to look for help because I have tried online and couldn’t find anything.
I want to make my way through college and decided to help myself out with remote work so as to pay for my online courses.
I am looking for a data entry job or remote work, entry-level. I have searched variously but all I see online are data entry for US locations.
I don’t know if anyone can get a data entry job and contract it to me to do. The individual can pay me whatever he or she deems fit while I work for him or her on the job. The way I see it is - the individual gets the job and then asks me to work on his or her behalf while they get paid and pay me whatever they deem fit.
If anyone can help me out, I will be very grateful.
By the way, I am a university graduate in Nigeria but there are no jobs in my country so I opted to remote. I also am taking online courses on data science.