Dream Travel Destinations for 2019

Dream Travel Destinations for 2019:

  1. Finland - see the Northern lights
  2. Iceland - finally experience the beauty of this amazing place
  3. Turkey - Cappadocia, Izmit, Pamukkale and Cesme
  4. Thailand & Ubud / Southeast Asia - so dreamy and beautiful
  5. Cape Town - would love to see and be near a Giraffe!!!
  6. Menorca Island, Spain - so beautiful
  7. Backpack Europe

I love this!!! I think mine is India!!! I’ve been trying to make it there for 2 years and I am hoping 2019 is the year.

But Finland Norther lights would be a bucket list too!

I’ve done 2, 4, & 7 on your list if you have any questions.

And wow - I love this topic so much that I think you should post it in our FB group. Literally copy/paste and maybe add a question on top: Dream Travel Destinations for 2019. What are yours?


Ooh yes, Sri Lanka is also on my list and India in general. Share pictures if you make it there :slight_smile: and yes you’re right, I’ll share it with the group now!


Patagonia & Easter Island for me! :blush::earth_americas:


Patagonia is definitely amazing. Make my 2019 list as well in addition to India!

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I have so many ! I’ve never been abroad so the list is endless !!

European destinations are in my plans this year :slight_smile:
Happy travels to all!


Love Sri Lanka! Definitely a place that I will revisit.


Yay @valeriehansen you are here! Can’t wait to see you here in Europe. Any specific place in Europe on your bucket list?

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@hazellau I’ve never been to Sri Lanka but just this morning saw this video and the country looks so awesome!


From that endless list of destinations what would be your first and second pics if you could take a trip right now?

I have never been there but I always see people talking about it. I will have to do some research on it! :smiley:

I just saw this from @Mag

I’ve never been to Sri Lanka but just this morning saw this video and the country looks so awesome!

This is very helpful I will heck it out for sure!


I don’t have a concrete travel plan this year yet because I want to focus on saving up and really increase my freelance income, so I’m OK with settle in one place and not travel much.

But I do want to move to a new place (currently in Singapore), somewhere that is cheaper and safe, digital-nomad friendly, and have plenty of opportunities to go outdoors and explore nature over weekends.

I know there is no shortage of places like this, I just got to look closer.

My friend shared this video with me another day because she thinks I’d be interested (yes, I do!).

Would love to visit it when I go to India.


Lets see:

Bolivia - I would love to go to La Paz (one of the highest cities in the world) and also to go from jungle to volcanos on 4000m altitude.
Zimbambwe - Amazing country, with beautiful nature.
Botswana - Visiting Kalahari desert and jungles.
Iceland - Visiting volcanoes and sea rocks, while listening elf stories from the natives.
Patagonia - Amazing mountains, I feel ya @Rick
Vietnam - beauiful country with amazing people

Thats it for now!


Wow @filipalimpic sooooo many cool location on your list. I’ve always dreamed of Patagonia and hiking Kilimanjaro!


I officially love your list more than mine! I just went to Iceland- it’s a beautiful country. Must visit!!


This looks pretty awesome! I did not know that a place like this one existed. I will have to check it out in the future but it looks like a really cool community!

Good choices with Patagonia and Iceland! Those have been two of my favorite places so far! :smiley:

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Mine is the Philippines, the islands look so beautiful and there are so many that difficult is to choose which ones to visit

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Maldives. I travel the world with my laptop on my phone when I am not sleeping. The goal for Maldives is a true holiday with shorts, tanks, swimmer and a camera. Nothing else!


Sounds like a very relaxing holiday! I heard that is a great place for scuba diving.