Expat Insider 2017: Find Out The Best & Worst Places for Expats

Someone shared this in a digital nomad group: https://cms-internationsgmbh.netdna-ssl.com/cdn/file/2017-09/Expat_Insider_2017_The_InterNations_Survey.pdf

Quite an interesting survey. Useful insights if you are looking to moving aboard and thinking of settling in another country.

Happy to find out that Malaysia has made it to one of the Top 20s for Best Expat Destinations!

I feel that I have found my new passion over these years, which is to help my fellow Malaysians/ South-East Asians/ Asians to travel more, work and live aboard. I would also like to promote Asia and welcome more expats to come travel, work, live in our places.

Not sure how it’s going to happen exactly yet, it’s a vision that I have in the future.

What’s your favoriute country so far?


Hi @hazellau! Love your post & mission to make travel more accessible for East Asians. :heart: So cool. You’ll have to invite your friends into the community so you can make your mission a reality! This is a great platform to reach people. :slight_smile:

My favorite country so far is COLOMBIA!!! Super affordable, amazing food, lively culture, incredible nature, kind & smart natives, and DANCING!!! Can’t wait to go back.