Facebook for business / marketing: worth it to learn it to start remote working?

Hello all,

As I am working on myself to learn about my goals, skills, missing skills that can be applied for remote jobs or remote freelance gigs, I am wondering if it is worth it to get into Facebook for business and Facebook marketing.

I know that many people work in this field, have set up their own agencies to support clients, …

I also understand that learning a new skill is always an investment: TIME and MONEY.

Therefore, I try to figure out if it is worth it, how long it takes to be somehow an expert and be able to offer it as a service.

I know there can never be a generic statement about such things, still, I believe there can be valuable feedback and input that helps to make decisions faster and move on.

Thanks for any feedback :pray:

I would indeed encourage you to learn Facebook Marketing, specially, Facebook Ads and Facebook Pixel as both of these skills have considerable demand for quality service. I can personally recommend a course, though it is around $500, it really gives you in-depth understanding of the logic behind Facebook Ads.

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