Finding a real life community as a remote worker

Hey everyone,

While impatiently waiting to be able to safely travel again and embrace the digital nomad life, I’m completing a postgrad diploma in Design Thinking and looking at what local areas can do to attract remote workers/digital nomads, and most importantly how they can help them integrate into the local community and meet people.

Would love to hear others views on their experience of connecting with locals in the area they live/work in? Has it been difficult as a remote worker?

I’ve also created a short survey on the topic, if you happened to have a spare few minutes I’d really appreciate your insights!

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Hi, welcome to the tribe! I already answered your survey! Try to share this post on our Facebook group

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Thanks a mil Nelvin! And great idea about posting in the FB group, thank you :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome! I hope you get more respondents!