Former Teacher looking for remote. Tips?

Hello all,

I have been a school teacher for over 5 years now, and I decided to leave the profession. I enjoyed working with children and my coworkers, but I felt it was time to start exploring other opportunities; however, I am looking to make it a remote position. This way both my husband and I can have more freedom to choose our direction in life.

I do have some questions that I am hoping to get answers for. Are there any other former teachers in this community that went remote? While I understand that there are online learning options for teachers, I am wondering what others have have found to do remotely post-teaching?

Any help is appreciated!


Hello @Rostr620, welcome to the tribe! I’m not a teacher but I want to share that @Mag’s tips are very useful to help you with your remote journey, check her in Pangian Remote Academy. Good luck!