Fundamentals of Digital Marketing using Social Media Platforms

What is Digital Marketing?
Assume you are watching a YouTube video; suddenly an ad pops up. It rouses your interest. You click the ad and decide to buy the product. This is a simple form of Digital Marketing, where the marketer has succeeded in closing the deal with a potential customer. There are many other forms, which we shall explore one by one. But before we proceed, let me define Digital Marketing. In simple terms, it is Google Digital Marketing course the form of online marketing that promotes a product or service using digital media, in contrast to traditional marketing.
Why is Digital Marketing important?
To help you understand the reach of Digital Marketing, let me share some stats with you. Studies reveal that 32.3% of the total population in India is using some form of social media. This is equivalent to 624 mn Internet users and 448 mn social media users as of January 2021. 2 years down the line, this number has further inflated.
Going by the numbers, it is easy to visualize the significant power that Digital Marketing wields in impacting the buying decisions of your target audience. But how does that boost your sales as a digital marketer? Here are some pointers…
Wider network: The moment you have an online presence, the entire world opens up for you. Anyone in any corner of the globe can be your potential customer. So, you break free from the geographical constraints faced by traditional marketers.
Compete with big names: If you want to launch a fashion brand today, you put up direct competition with big names like Reliance Industries. In other words, all players big or small, enjoy a level playing field.
Track the reach: In traditional advertising, you can never know who is hooked by your ad and making a buying decision. Digital Marketing, in contrast, gives you the technology to track every customer’s footprint. You are, therefore, better equipped to fine-tune your offering to convert potential customers to loyal customers.
Return on Investment: Reports suggest that the RoI of Digital Marketing is 42x, which means for every 1 dollar invested, you enjoy a return of 42 dollars. This highly impressive rate of return undeniably proves the power of Digital Marketing.
Realizing the influence of Digital Marketing, if that sounds exciting enough, let us now understand each form of onliFundamentals of Digital Marketing using Social Media Platforms
ne marketing to appreciate the nuances.
Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
This is the simplest and most inexpensive form, yet extremely effective form of Digital Marketing. SEO, as the name suggests, involves optimizing your content with appropriate usage of keywords and compliance to search engine algorithms so that it ranks high on the search results of Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. The higher the rank, the higher the possibility of your content reaching the right audience. There are bots trained to do SEO. They crawl through the Web pages using various algorithms, analyze the content index, and then determine which content should appear in the search results and in which order.
While SEO is free, you can invest with professionals specializing in SEO services to leverage the power of this effective Digital Marketing tool.
Content Marketing:
The backbone of any marketing communication, online or offline, is the Content Marketing Strategy that determines the success or failure of your marketing initiatives. This strategy defines how to market your content in the form of emails, messages blogs etc, bearing in mind that the quality of the content is the final factor that determines the effectiveness of the strategy in furthering business.
Paid Marketing:
Also known as Pay-per-click, this is another form of Paid Advertising. You purchase advertising quota from online platforms like Google, Facebook etc. and then use your marketing skills to place your ads. After that, every time your ad is clicked, your Ad account is charged for it, and you move up the search results. So, the more powerful your Google Ads or Facebook Ads, the higher is your RoI.
Social Media Marketing:
This form of online marketing leverages the power of social media platforms. With screen time increasing across all age groups and people remaining glued to social media for sharing life in all its shades and colours, social media marketing is a highly potent instrument for all marketers. Additionally, all these platforms offer a wide range of tools to help you track the footprints of your customers and further improve your offers.
Email Marketing:
If you have ever received promotional emails informing you about upcoming sales, deals or offering tempting vouchers, you are already familiar with Email Marketing. Being an inexpensive mode of reaching out to your potential customers, there is the risk of going overboard to the point that customers start treating them as junk mail and avoid them. Therefore, be careful to define an intelligent email marketing strategy that ensures your email reaches the right person at the right time.
Mobile Marketing:
Along similar lines to Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing uses smartphones to reach out to customers in the form of push notifications, mobile-optimized ads etc. Here too, watch out to ensure that you stay within limits or you may run the risk of customers blocking you out, thereby defeating your purpose.
Affiliate/ Influencer Marketing:
An Affiliate or Influencer commands significant support from a huge fanbase. The Affiliate promotes your product or service through any digital medium such as YouTube video or blog, and when anyone clicks on the product link and buys it, the promoter enjoys compensation. Considering the immense power that Influencers have amongst their followers, brands are increasingly resorting to this Digital Marketing tool to boost sales.
Video Marketing:
With videos offering the most engaging medium, marketers are tempted to use this powerful tool to reach out to a wide audience. Also, with the possibility of videos going viral, particularly through Influencers, Video Marketing can aid in maximizing the reach of your product or service.
Audio Marketing:
If you are prompted to think that Audio Marketing simply means ads on the radio, you are mistaken. Radio is now Internet radio with a wider reach. Also, podcasts and music apps like Spotify along with smart home assistants like Alexa or OK Google, have transformed Audio Marketing. Consequently, the medium is now more powerful and long-lasting.
Building Digital Marketing Skills
To harness the limitless potential of Digital Marketing for strengthening your online presence, it would be prudent to train yourself on the various marketing tools. In this regard, the Google Digital Marketing course is masterfully designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to groom you as a successful digital marketer. At the end of this course, you not only learn to manage your marketing campaigns effectively to attract and engage your potential customers but also measure your performance through marketing analytics.
I believe you now have the necessary know-how on the fundamentals of Digital Marketing and how you can use various social media platforms to your advantage to multiply your sales and add to your bottom line. Getting trained from the Google Digital Marketing course will be an added weapon in your armoury. So, go ahead and create magic with the tools.