Help, I got an Interview coming up. Any tipps?

I have an Interview coming up as a Graphic Designer, Remote and I need some tips on what to say and what questions/answers I would need to prepare.


Hi @ginaamato you can check this video especifically or you can also check the list here.

My point of view at this topic is that remote interviews are “extremely different”.

  • it may bring some interesting form questions before being invited for an interview
  • it may bring the same questions asked before, just to make sure that you didn’t copy & paste
  • it may be tricky to understand their next step. Each company will have a specific platform to schedule, evaluate, score your answers.

I think it’s better to show that you care about the company and that you’re committed to bring/acquire new skills than any other thing.

Some interviewers like to add some “hidden, obscure behavioral questions”, at this phase, critical thinking is all that matters to overcome these tricky questions or moments that the interviewers will try to push you into it.

and… don’t rush.
If you get the job, congratz. It was supposed to happen either way.
Otherwise, don’t get frustrated trying to identify everything at once.
Take some time to readjust your tone, portfolio, and get into the interviewer’s flow.

Good Luck :slight_smile:


Congrats @ginaamato !!! This is awesome!!! My recommendation:

  1. Research the company extremely well to understand their mission, their customers and definitely their approach to graphic design. That will help you answer any question and show that you are truly interested and committed.

  2. Ask questions - if after your research (#1) there are still some questions you may have in order to deliver the best job as a graphic designer for them - do not hesitate to insert those questions in the middle of the interview (1-2 questions). The best interviews are conversational, not just Q&A and show employer that you are very interested in helping them.

  3. Be yourself. You are already where you need to be. They PICKED YOU for lots of other applications, that means they already like you :slight_smile: So be yourself, you will be talking to friends and potential colleagues.

Keep us updated how it goes. Sending best vibes!


Best advice ever @anthonywalter!!!


In my last interview (sorry if this is too late) I was asked what I was excited about regarding working remotely, and what I was nervous about. I think it helped to show that I had done my homework and knew the pros and cons of working remotely - and shared that honestly.

Recent advice I got from a mentor - Go for a walk before the interview! It will help with the butterflies and nerves and give you time to mentally prepare. =) Good luck!!


Thank you all so much! I’m confident but nervous :blush: It will be tomorrow. Thumbs pressed. I am trying to find a few questions but I am scared it would sound stupid. For now, it sounds super clear and I am confident with the Job their offering.

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Thank you !! I did some notes about that. What did you say as cons and pros ?

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Pros: Looking forward to increased productivity as a result of fewer interruptions.
Cons: Isolation and loneliness, looking to intentionally remain in communication with my team to abate this concern.


Hi @ginaamato.

How did your interview go?

I think she smashed it, lol - :slight_smile:


hahah!! Love it! @callumhepburn thanks for sharing! Well congrats @ginaamato I hope you get a chance to share your experience so far in your new remote job! :smiley:

What is a good answer for this question. Is flexible schedule, travel ok or should it pertain to the job.

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Lol @callumhepburn she did! Gina did amazing. And we just had a new success story… we will be publishing next week on !

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A little late to the party… I like to do detailed research on LinkedIn into the people and staff I might be working with in an effort to “understand” their backgrounds and personalities. For example, if your potential boss is well educated with a high degree practice speaking well. If they have similar interests or experiences such as you, point those out to make you appear similar to them. 80% of all job acceptance comes down to if they like you and you are a cultural fit in their organization. … Learn more about this change by Google’ing hos Google and Facebook no longer consider “Degrees” when picking new hires.


-What is your name
-where do you stay
your history

  • your level of education
    -more on graphic design
    -What makes you the best candidate for this job?
    -What unique experiences do have for us?
    -how much salary do expect to be paid?
    -Who told you about this job?

Waw, great, I would have never thought of that. I am having an interview on Wednesday, researching for it.