Henry Harvin Content Writing Course Reviews by Joyce Ann, Aditi and Shalini

Content writing is becoming more and more popular these days. Be it for business, news or for the entertainment industry, good content writers are in demand everywhere. High-quality, reliable content keeps the audience engaged and creates an audience-brand relationship. This ensures that the readers or clients keep coming back to you for more.

Browse through the internet and you will realize that there are innumerous institutes offering both content writing courses online and offline content writing courses. Do you ever wonder why? Of course, because content writing is a highly challenging, competitive and meticulous field. A content expert enjoys a wide range of career opportunities and a steady income base. However, it might not always be easy to break through. Many start doing content writing jobs, but are unable to make it big. This is where taking up a Content writing course will help you acquire various content writing skills like SEO, creative writing, time management, technical writing, and analytical skills that make you a successful content writer.

Henry Harvin boasts about its highly qualified and professional trainers. Their mode of training is interactive and assignment based. This helps students to practically apply the skills learnt and check their own progress. Henry Harvin offers free internship to its students and exposes them to various real-time content writing assignments.

I spoke to some of Henry Harvin’s own students to get a sense of how they feel about the content writing course

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Joyce Ann’s Content Writing Course Review

Joyce Ann completed her content writing course from Henry Harvin recently. She finds the content writing course worth considering and easy to understand. She is especially impressed by the instructor and says

“Hi - I’m Joyce Ann. I took the certified digital content writing course from Henry Harvin despite my initial dilemma of if the classes would work as it’s completely online.” Joyce smiles, “And I was proved wrong. Our teacher Ms. Urvashi Chaudhary was well experienced and well informed about the subject material and in the content writing field. Whenever we were stuck, she was available to clarify all our doubts and answer our questions. She is a wonderful teacher and teaches really well.”

According to Joyce this course has exposed her to many different styles of writing and she has learnt a lot from this course. “I am taking a lot away from it.” She says. “It has been a great exposure to learn the technicalities behind writing research papers, doing academic writing and white paper writing.”

I asked her “Would you like to come back to Henry Harvin again Joyce?”
“Yeah, if I ever want to learn a new skill, I definitely would return to Henry Harvin” is her response. “I would also recommend Henry Harvin to my family and to my friends.”


It felt great to hear such a positive Henry Harvin review. Now should we meet Aditi? Aditi sounds quite happy about the content writing course. Let us see what she has to say in her Henry Harvin review

Aditi’s Content Writing Course Review

“Hi – I am Aditi. I have learnt a lot from the content writing course offered by Henry Harvin. My teachers trained me a lot. Through this process I have picked up different styles of writing like Academy writing, creative writing, content development and many more. I have also been taught how to source information and how to perform advance search.”

It sounds awesome but has Aditi’s perspective towards writing changed?

To this she says “I would say that I gained a deeper perspective on how to write after doing the content writing course. I have always been interested in writing but I didn’t really know what it takes to produce good content. I thought it was just, How to write properly or How to introduce SEO tools in ones’ writing? Now I know writing contains a lot more in it. It is an opening palette for me. I really love the content writing course.”

It is rightly said that if you want a free advertisement for your business, getting a positive review from happy customers is what one should look at. Henry Harvin believes that good products and good services will win them their happy customers. So should we meet another happy customer Shalini and see what she has to share in her Henry Harvin review

Shalini’s Content Writing Course Review

According to Shalini, she came across Henry Harvin reviews while she was searching for a few short-term online content writing courses. “Henry Harvin is one of the best Institutes that offers content writing courses both online and offline. Since Henry Harvin has been in the market for a long time and had captivating reviews, I decided to enroll for Henry Harvin’s content writing course.”

Shalini says, “I think Henry Harvin’s content writing course provides us a major learning platform . It provides them with a knowledge to consider, to draw inferences, to improve research work skills and access a database of recordings from the LMS Portal that they utilize.

I was significantly impressed by the trainers - the manner in which they instruct, the way they share valuable information and the style in which they assist us with finishing our tasks. I am thankful to our trainer Urvashi Choudhury. Not only is she a bundle of information herself but is also an extraordinary creative writer. She gave us coursework both to do in the class and additionally to do at home. All such tasks helped us gain a lot of confidence with us. I would definitely recommend the Henry Harvin content writing course to all aspirants who want to establish a career in content writing.”


Henry Harvin’s content writing course has been ranked #1 by Trainings360 India and is comprehensive, easy to understand and to follow. Most students find the 32 hours content writing programs not only informative but captivating and engaging too. So, if you are looking for a globally recognized course with real and genuine reviews, Henry Harvin’s content writing courses are for you.

Yes Indeed, I totally agree…The content writing course by Henry Harvin is really helpful for my career. My trainers were very experienced and helpful. Every concept was well taught and the approach to different styles and forms in content writing was successfully communicated. Overall it was worth registering in Henry Harvin and I would recommend it to everyone out there. Hope my review will add some value to you.