Henry Harvin Content Writing Course Reviews | Taseen's Interview: Let’s Hear From Her

With the digitalization of everything around, content writers are in incredible demand. Content writing has become one of the most demanding professions in the worldwide market. Today we will talk to a student at Henry Harvin and ask her what she thinks about the content writing certification course
Various candidates are joining Content writing courses worldwide to upgrade their writing abilities. There are various training institutes offering content writing courses that fresher’s too can join as these courses are helpful in getting them ready to join the writing business. Besides content writing courses also help professional writers to upskill themselves and to get comfortable with the nuances of the writing industry. It is opening to explore new opportunities in the content management field.
Let’s meet Taseen, who has completed her content writing certification from Henry Harvin Education. We asked her to give us her Henry Harvin Content writing course reviews and also share with us her learning experience.

Question 1. Taseen you are a B.Tech graduate, then why did you join a content writing course?
Taseen’s Answer: I have always been very passionate about writing. So I was researching courses to develop my writing skills. I came across Henry Harvin reviews. They were very good so I signed up for this course on their website, which was very informative.

Question 2. Who was your point of contact at Henry Harvin?

Taseen’s Answer: My relationship manager, Ms. Chandrika was my point of contact from Henry Harvin. She was very patient and helpful. She explained to me the contents of the digital content writing course before I joined the program. Even after joining she was always there to help me out with technical support or any internet related issues.

Question 3. How was your trainer at Henry Harvin?

Taseens’s Answer: Henry Harvin’s trainers are very understanding and helpful. They guided me through my course assignments and answered all my questions. They are all professionals in the field of content writing themselves with 10+ years of experience in the industry. My trainer, Ms. Urvashi is an experienced content writer herself who openly shared her valuable learnings with us. She never showed any hesitation to repeat the contents over and over again.

Question 4. Taseen can you tell us something about Henry’s content writing course?

Taseens’s Answer: Henry Harvin’s content writing course was very informative. Their course material is well-planned and covers all fundamentals of content writing. During the class I was introduced to a number of writing tools which improved and standardized my writing. We were also given many assignments throughout the course that really helped in improving my writing skills. In my Henry Harvin content writing course review I’d say that overall, this course was very helpful for me.

Question 5. Will you recommend Henry Harvin’s content writing course to others?

Taseen’s Answer: Yes, Henry Harvin’s content writing course is definitely a course that
I would recommend to all those aspirants who want to make a career in the field of content management.

According to the above Henry Harvin’s content writing course review, this certification course assists students to learn and try out the different writing styles. This course not only prepares but also inspires students to thoroughly research on given subjects and develop appropriate content by using skills learnt like creativity, evaluation, and reorganization. The students are acquainted with SEO tools and exposed to different types of writing like technical writing, creative writing etc. Students are also taught analytical skills. This course includes writing blog posts, articles, writing podcasts, videos scripts, and content for social media. Based on the student reviews of Henry Harvin, it can be considered without any doubt that Henry Harvin is a prestigious and well-recognized training institute to do content writing courses from.

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