Henry Harvin Reviews | Content Writing Course Review by Taseen

Beginning of My Writing Journey

Hey, Writers reading this! I am Taseen, a B-Tech student. After completing my senior secondary examination, my first dream was to get admission to the top B-tech college. But with that, I always had the zeal to call myself a writer due to my passion for writing. Whenever I could get time, I would start penning down my thoughts.

However, I needed more confidence and could not focus on anything due to a lack of guidance. Slowly I started developing more interest and thought of joining the writing course.


How Did I get into the Content Writing Course?

Due to my passion for writing, I started researching the course. I was blank regarding the content writing course. Then I found Henry Harvin’s content writing course. I read Henry Harvin’s reviews, which gave me hope to do anything in the future. Immediately, I signed up for the content writing course from the Henry Harvin website. I got a call from them after joining the course, which was extensive support from me.

Why did I choose this Content Writing Course?

Before registering for the course, I checked the benefits provided by the institute. I came across the following benefits from Henry Harvin:

LMS Portal-Learning Management System (LMS) portal users can access 24/7/365 Lifetime Support, allowing them to keep studying whenever convenient.

Placement- Institute provides guaranteed placement to the students.

Gold Membership-Students will get one-year gold membership after enrolling in the course.
Certification-After completion of the course, every writer gets the certificate as a “Certified Digital Content Writer.”

Internship-To gets practical knowledge; every student goes under the internship program.
Well-Structured Course Curriculum- The course is divided into various modules that help the students study topics.

Skilled Trainers-Trainers update the students with the best course structure.

What did I receive after completion of the Course?

My standard of writing improved after doing the course from Henry Harvin. The main reason behind this was the ongoing assignments provided by my trainer. My trainer Urvashi Ma’am is a very patient lady. She never hesitated to repeat the content and always cleared my queries. She covered all the topics required to be known by the content writers. Apart from that, she gave live examples, checked the assignments, and mentioned the mistakes made by every student. This course was beneficial for me from Henry Harvin.

After completing the course, I now work as a part-time writer for two companies. I am working on website descriptions under Myntra and also Amazon. I also chose product reviews as my niche to learn something new under the copywriting category.

What are my recommendations to all passionate writers?

Writing guides can assist you in adapting your material to the specifics of your medium. It might be anything from a personal blog to a social media platform to a website or book. Henry Harvin advises students to continue to the next section of the curriculum. College students can use the skills they learn in a content writing course for more than just producing content; they can use them across various disciplines.

The Last Word

Every student who has a passion for writing should try this course. Henry Harvin reviews create the best example of how students’ lives changed into professional writers. The institute creates the course curriculum, placement, internships, and other benefits. Now I feel proud and confident after taking the course and helping different companies through my words as a writer. This review will give me new hope and confidence to start a new journey as an aspiring writer.

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