Henry Harvin Reviews | Content Writing Course Reviews by Mannat, Kriti and Mitya

Since 2013, Henry Harvin has been a well-known and leading name in the industry of online education and training. They have offices in 11+ cities covering different countries also like the USA, India, UAE and a few more. In India, they have offices in Delhi, Noida, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and a few more cities. Their year-on-year alliance with 130+ colleges and 210+ corporate is definitely a countable success. Trainers at Henry Harvin are certified and experienced in their respective fields.
The content writing course of Henry Harvin is one of the oldest courses in south Asia in this field. Until now 18931 learners have enrolled in this course and upgraded their skill levels to achieve more. There are many reviews by the students and trainers also for a content writing course. For example, Mannat Bhalla took a Content writing course and got more confidence in writing content and learned different tools also. Similarly, Kriti was already into content writing but enrolled in Henry Harvin’s content writing course to get the professional knowledge to pursue further in this field. Mitya from Chennai currently doing MBA also shared her overall experience with Henry Harvin.

Henry Harvin course reviews by the students of the Content writing course are in so much detail which can help you in taking decisions for going forward with Henry Harvin courses.

Henry Harvin review by Mannat

Henry Harvin’s Course review by Mannat Bhalla shows the experience of her learning journey with Henry Harvin’s course. She has gained knowledge in many forms through this course for example she learned about blogging, and how to do creative writing, She also shared that this course has motivated her so much that she decided to take content writing as a career. After completing the course Mannat is confident in writing short stories and novels which has been a pending task for her for a long time. She also got to know about different tools of google. Overall Mannat has upgraded her skill level to become a professional content writer.

Henry Harvin review by Kriti

Kriti Tanwar who was already working in the content writing field before enrolling in the content writing course with Henry Harvin shared her journey in detail as a student of the content writing course.
She shared how her college senior motivated her to enter into content writing and after doing research on the internet she chose to go ahead with Henry Harvin. The relationship manager helped her in getting the answers to her questions before enrollment. The trainer of this course also helped her at every step during the course and gave their best to clear Kriti’s doubts. The certification course boosted her resume also for getting a job. she recommends everyone to go ahead with Henry Harvin’s content writing course.

Henry Harvin review by Mitya

Next Henry Harvin’s Course review is by Mitya . she is from Chennai and currently doing the MBA. she shared in her review that she decided to utilise the lockdown period efficiently by doing a content writing course. For that, she did research on google and there she came across Henry Harvin. After contacting the Henry Harvin team, the relationship manager helped her in getting all the information she needed. She got clarity on the curriculum of the course before enrollment. All this information helped in going ahead with Henry Harvin. She liked the way the trainer took the sessions and shared their expertise with students by providing the all necessary knowledge . she does recommend the Henry Harvin courses to everyone.


Henry Harvin’s content writing reviews show how the course curriculum and methodology help students in gaining knowledge. After completing the course learners become professional content writers equipped with the knowledge of all the latest tools of content writing and all types of writing. Trainers at Henry Harvin gives their best to clear each and every question of the student and to make learners confident and efficient content writer.

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