Henry Harvin Reviews - My Personal Experience

My Writing Journey with Henry Harvin

Hello Everyone! I am Sumaan. After graduation, my friend suggested me take some writing courses due to my passion for writing.I was searching for a content writing course that could provide online live classes. I was frustrated in my life due to not getting any proper job.

I enrolled for the Content writing course from Henry Harvin. I liked the course structure as it is very informative. I learned many things from this course provided by Henry Harvin. The first point I want to mention is how to research. Knowing the research style and the topics trending in the market is essential for a writer.

Then after that, I also learned how to write blogs and articles. As per Henry Harvin’s reviews, I also learned the different forms of writing. With various benefits received, I would share my journey regarding the course. Like various questions pop into my head before the new beginning. Similarly, I express my whole Content writing course journey below.

What was the reason behind choosing Henry Harvin for Content Writing Course?
After checking the website, I could find so many benefits provided with the course. Some of them are:

The LMS portal provides students access to 24/7/365 Lifetime Support, allowing them to continue their education whenever needed.

Everyone who signs up for the class will get a free gold membership for an entire year.
The finest experts in their industries create stimulating and instructive instructional materials.
Academics have taught in their respective professions for at least ten years.

Positions in various industries are high on the list of priorities for recent grads.
Classes are available at various times during the week and on the weekends at this institute. Hence, pick the batch that is most convenient for you.

All schools have counselors who can help you with the enrollment process whenever needed.
The next step is participating in the Content Writing Course’s interactive sessions.

Homework and assignments assigned by your trainer must be completed in between sessions. After finishing the required coursework, you can apply for the certificates. As part of this program, you can also complete an internship.

These benefits forced me to choose the institute and enroll in the course.

What was the takeaway from the Course?

I learned many things from the course, like different forms of writing, blogs, proofreading, and many more. I completed my internship also after doing the online live classes. Now I am getting opportunities to work as a full-time writer in many companies. Also, the institute offered many placement opportunities to work under companies as per suitability. Top companies are providing opportunities to apply for jobs.

What am I doing currently?

Currently, I am working as a full-time content writer at TCS. Due to certification, I got a job that allowed me to learn many things from one of the top companies.

What would I recommend after taking Henry Harvin’s Content writing course?

I recommend Henry Harvin for the writing course due to the extraordinary benefits. My trainer helped me to raise my writing standard by clearing my doubts and highlighting the mistakes. She gave many examples and samples related to the course.

She also shared her experience as a writer and what mistakes we should not make in the coming years. Apart from that whole team of Henry Harvin supported me during the journey in case I faced any technical glitches.

The Last Word

As a Certified Digital Content Writer, Henry Harvin is one of the best options. Although I devoted my time and efforts to completing the training, they showed me the right path for the writing journey. If you are serious about pursuing the course, start enrolling with dedication and effort. I have many hopes for myself, and the team always supports me through hurdles.