Henry Harvin TEFL Course Reviews | Lynda's Interview: Let's Hear From Her

Lynda's Henry Harvin TEFL Course Reviews

Today we will talk about the TEFL certification course review, as everyone knows that teaching the English language is one of the most demanding careers Internationally.

The field of the TEFL program is one of the fastest-growing academic fields in the nation, and it presents many outstanding professional chances for teaching English as a foreign language in all corners of the world to native and expressive English speakers who get their TEFL certification.

Let’s hear from Lynda, she has done her TEFL certification from Henry Harvin Academy and she’ll give Henry Harvin TEFL course reviews and share her experience with us.

Question 1. Lynda tell us a little about yourself.

Lynda’s Answer: Hey, this is Lynda. I am originally from the US but have been living in China since 2016. I worked as an English teacher in Japan for about 45 years now and I have done my TEFL certification from Henry Harvin.

Question 2. Why do you want to teach English?

Lynda’s Answer: I want to become an English educator because doing a job related to English which is the language that I adore and being eligible to earn a living with that career, as told you I am originally from the US so English is my basic language. I wished to make a positive difference in the lives of youngsters. I wanted to assist them not only to discover new things and become independent students but to find things that make them happy. Yeah and I also love to travel world, experience new culture and explore myself .

Question 3. Why did you choose Henry Harvin Academy for TEFL Certification?

Lynda’s Answer: I chose Henry Harvin because before I figured out a better opportunity in China. My TEFL certification from the American Association of EFL not only helped me get a good opportunity in Japan but also in China. Not only helped me clearing visible requirements but also boosted my profile to work with top Chinese companies as a premium English Teacher. After joining Henry Harvin I feel more confident. I am glad that I have discovered so much from the Henry Harvin TEFL certification course. Also, I like to thank all trainers who have helped me through the exercise, challenges and examinations.

Question 4. Lynda tells us about your teaching style

Lynda’s Answer: This is an interesting question well I would say I’m a little bit strict but fair when it comes to education. I think when learners are challenged with realistic purposes and given the assistance they need not only to get the explanations correct but to be able to utilize that knowledge to solve future difficulties on their own and I also believe that as a mentor, it’s my job to assist my learners through the tasks I give, but also through the several challenges they may face at their academic life, I help them feel comfortable, motivated, and pleased during class. I never want learners to feel left out or overindulged, so I always try to be fair and constant with every student.

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