Hi. Looking for a remote job. Please help

Hope anyone here can help me get a remote job. This is all new to me and can also be daunting at times. Will be putting my linked in link. Thank you.



Hello Jaimedario, I see you are pretty new to this stuff just like I am, but then I understand things don’t work this way, but the other way called the ACTION taking the side of things. What I mean to say is, nobody can most times directly get you a job, you need to take the actions yourself. It is a good thing you already have a LinkedIn account and that is one the very first steps to becoming a remote worker. I will advise you should really customize your LinkedIn and Pangian accounts to suit the kinda job you are looking for and then start reaching out to employers and submitting your Resume and Cover Letters and that is all there is to it. hope I was able to help a bit right! Well, have a great day and happy Job Hunting… :slight_smile:

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I really agree with you @preciousadeyinka, thanks for sharing.


Hi @jaimedario, I’m also from the Philippines, Batangas province! Kamusta?
I reviewed your profile and it’s very promising, my advice to you is always check our Pangian Job board, it contains lot of opportunities for you. While waiting, please take time to visit our Remote Academy to further improve yourself as a remote talent.

I wish you all the best.


You are welcome :slightly_smiling_face:, it is the least I can do!

Hey Pangians,

HNY 2020, my first post in a while. Looking to break out from the routine of job grind, by taking up remote job of social media manager, digital strategist from India. I have been working as consulting partner to businesses worldwide, gigs on Fiverr and other places.


Please check my profile and if you think I can match up, message me.