Hiring Now: Front End Support Specialist (100% Remote)

Hi awesome Pangians! Our employer “OLO”, which hired already 2 Pangians is hiring again:

Position: ** Front End Support Specialist**


  • Act as a knowledge center expert for specific areas of Olo’s platform and provide ongoing support and engagement to our customers as they adopt, use and manage these platforms.

  • Guide Olo customers with their support requests related to the front-end design of their ordering experiences, including the brand’s online ordering website, mobile site, apps, or third party interface.

  • Work closely with the front-end engineering team and developer support team to play a key role in communicating progress to customers related to their support requests.

This position is open to candidates from USA.

Here is the link with full requirements and to apply:

Let me know if you are applying. Cheers.


I’m excited on our next success story!

@Mag I would love to apply, but I am not from the USA? :disappointed:

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Hi @preciousadeyinka, from where are you?

We still have lots of remote job on our Job Board :smiley:

Hi Mag,

I would like to apply for this opportunity. I have 7 years experience on working as Front End Specialist.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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Hi @Mag

I would love to apply. I’ve been a member here I guess for more than 6 months and haven’t find a job that is available for me. I live here in the Philippines and have more than 10 years of experience working for BPO as Customer Support and Operations Coordinators.
I hope to find a work that is open outside USA.

Just hoping for the best this year 2020! :slight_smile:


I applied, and just completed their assessment. Fingers crossed! :pray:t4:

Thanks, Mag!

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Goodluck @somjtpimson! Please keep us posted

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@nelvingonzales @Mag Just completed the phone screen yesterday and am now preparing for this upcoming Friday’s video interview with three people. I think this video interview is step 3 of 5 (from what I’ve seen on Glassdoor), so there’s still a ways to go yet. It’s been great so far! :grin:

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Wow! So happy for you! How does it goes? Any update?

I have 20+ years of combined experience in Technical and customer support, but I am from India.

Hi, per checking, the job post had already expired. Visit our Pangian Job Board for more remote jobs