Hiring Now: Senior Customer Support Onboarding Team Lead (100% Remote)

Hi awesome Pangians! Our employer “OLO”, which hired already 2 Pangians is hiring again:

Position: Senior Customer Support Onboarding Team Lead (100% Remote)


  • Oversee and support the onboarding team responsible for day-to-day support related to the deployment phase of our product

  • Work closely with the Senior Customer Support Team Lead to consider operational improvement with existing workflows

  • Provide weekly reporting to Senior Director of Customer Support & Senior VP of Customer Success

This position is open to candidates from USA.

For full requirements and to apply here is the link:

Let me know if you are applying. Cheers.


Hi Mag, thank you for posting this role! I intend on implying and wanted to express my gratitude for sharing this opportunity. Warmly, Jess


Hi @jessicarockow! Did you apply?

Hi! Yes, I inquired and applied early this week. Thank you for asking.

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I’m hoping that you could be our next success story!

Fantastic @jessicarockow. Go for it. Don’t forget to customize your resume/application. You got this!

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@jessicarockow just following up on your application! Have you heard anything yet? I’m just wading into finding remote work and would love to hear about your successes or challenges. Feel free to DM me too! Thanks! :grin:

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Hi Peter! Haven’t heard anything back yet but remaining positive. I’ve worked remotely for over 10 years and cannot imagine going back to a traditional office environment. However, I do feel that seeking out the right fit for remote employment can be a struggle. This network is a great tool to sieve through that. Would love to hear more about your experiences. Feel free to DM.


Hi @jessicarockow, thank you for the update and sharing your positivity! Like you, I can’t imagine to go back on the traditional office set up that’s why I’m planning on harnessing my skills and knowledge to be a successful remote worker. For now, I’m happy on working as a freelancer but I would strive for more.