Home sweet home!

Hi fellow Pangians! Anyone who can relate?


The 9 to 5 paradigm has shifted for me a long time ago. I don’t only work from home, I work in a different time zone. Which works great for me as I am ahead 8 hours. So I end up delivering projects in time for people coming into the office. I am not sure how I would like it the other way round, me being 8 hours behind. I also don’t stick to a 9 to 5 schedule myself. I try to overlap a few hours, so often I split my work up: some hours in the morning, some at night. And sometimes I work too much. But because I love the way I work, that’s cool with me. One thing I have never managed in 10 years of working remotely: not to check emails just before bed time… That is a dangerous thing, especially when they are not the nice or benign kind of emails.


Hi @brittpermien, we have the same way of living and working. As long as we love our chosen career, we can overcome all chalenges!

Re checking emails last thing : I had that problem myself. The only way I found I could resolve it was to power down my laptop when I finished working and log out of my work email on my phone.
A bit drastic, but it took what it took.

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Haha! I agree with you, but I can’t do that, there are important instructions being sent to me in advance so I can prepare for it.