How old is old... for a job posting

Reviewing remote job sites there are jobs posted 30 days prior, or even longer. Do you typically ignore older postings even if you feel it is a good match? Are employers just lazy and have not pulled them down so applying would be futile? What is your approach and strategy for these?


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Hi @peteroreilly great question.

I think both could be true. While working with employers, I notice 2 situations:

  1. Did not find the best-fit candidate. Often for jobs that are hard to fill (ex: unique skills set, unique culture-add value) employers often don’t find the right candidate within 30 days and renew the job posting and continue looking. In these situations, I often recommend including a brand new posting to show this is an “active” ask but some employers prefer to keep the current posting open for continuity.

  2. Filled job but posting not removed - yup, that happens due to lack of oversight or incomplete HR processes.

In general, my recommendation in this situation is: if you love the company and if you believe you are a great fit for the position:

  1. Research the company. If all other postings are up to date it may be scenario #1 above and it would be great to apply. One additional option in this situation is to find email for the HR recruiter at the company - and ask if the posting is still open to confirm.

  2. If based on your research, you see all or most postings over 30 days - that maybe indicate a lack of oversight or incomplete HR processes and may indicate that the company is actually not hiring. Again, if you love the company and think you would be a great fit, emailing the company could be a great check.

I hope that helps. I would love to hear more about your experience as you go through the process.


Thank you @Mag for your advise. Actually, I have done your recommendation #1 before. When I was starting my faith as a remote worker. I’m very keen to details and gather important info as much as possible. I remember, I applied to a job, posted on and the position is so fit to me, after 2 weeks, I didn’t got a response, then I review the job again and found their website. I sent them my intention through email and luckily, after 2 days, they ask me to schedule an interview, I got my 1st remote job and the rest is history.

I learned that if you want something to happen, you must put your 100%.
Sweat today, Smile tomorrow.

Great advice and feedback from @Mag and @nelvingonzales. I will make sure to cross-reference the company’s website as an additional resource.

I will certainly keep you updated on my experience as I move forward.

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You’re welcome @peteroreilly I’m from Philippines, we might have difference on the standards of job that we are looking for, I admit, it was very hard but when you got it, the feeling is very fulfilling. Always consider your passion when applying and apply as many as you can. The more entry, the more chances of getting hired :slight_smile:
Good luck to us!

Many jobs get scraped to third party sites, so recruiters have no way to know they need to be pulled down. It’s less about being lazy, and more about technology :slightly_smiling_face:

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