How to become a pro member?

Hello everyone, I hope all are well? I’m new to this group also still busy with my profile. My question is, while I am busy searching for remote work I would find one and by clicking on it, it does not allow me to open the file and when I return to the job search page the bot prompts me to go back to my profile, but does not clarify why, is it that my profile needs more info or that there is a step or two I am missing here?
Any advise please
Thank You

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Hi @francoishempel, Please click this link to join Pangian Pro:
Just always click Join Pangian Pro until you reach the subscription page, from there, choose your subscription plan then you will be redirected to PayPal to set up your Payment method. Hope this will help :slight_smile:
Welcome to the group!

Hi Nelvinn, appreciate your response, I did manage to finally get to it, for some reason the internet played it’s part in it as well, thanks again.

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You’re welcome :heart: