How To Pass The Personality Test

I have applied for over 50 jobs. Every single job I have applied for that has a personality test, I get rejected quickly. It would be nice to at least get to the Interview stage.

Any tips on how to pass these?


Hi @proof - great to meet you :slight_smile: I am Mag, the founder of Pangian. I’ve been working remotely for 10+ years and love it!

What type of jobs do you apply for and have you tried applying for jobs that don’t run personality tests?


I would really like to get into either voice-over work, or help in social media.
Customer service is something I COULD do, and have a bunch of experience.

I apply for everything I might qualify for - personality test or not. Seems like when I go one I get a very quick rejection letter. Maybe companies are looking for sheep - I don’t know.

I did turn down a job that required me to wear a mask on a webcam for an interview. I’m not wearing a mask in my own house to do customer service for a company at $13.00/hr. I feel I am worth a little more than that.

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