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Today, HR Analytics Courses India is in high demand from business leaders across industries. The growing number of businesses relying on big data for research and decision-making will likely fuel this need further. More and more schools offer HR Analytics programs to meet their rising demand. Due to the abundance of educational institutions providing HR Analytics courses, obtaining reliable information on where to enroll might take a lot of work.

The HR Analytics Courses India will improve your expertise and salary, whether you are a new hire, an HR professional, or want to switch careers. You may confirm the growing need for trained HR specialists by perusing HR Analytics job postings on online job boards and researching the best HR Analytics certification in India.

What is the HR Analytics course in India?

HR Analytics Courses aim to teach students the systems and procedures businesses use to analyze their human resource data. It involves various factors, including technological know-how, interpersonal abilities, and academic prowess. Human resources experts help a firm run more efficiently. They help businesses save money, work efficiently, produce more, and motivate workers.

HR Analytics: What Is It?

Human Resource Analytics is a way of evaluating efficiency that may boost businesses’ HR departments. Human resources departments often employ this method of carefully collecting and analyzing data to assess the efficiency of their hiring, onboarding, training, and retention initiatives.
However, with so many HR Analytics Courses India options, narrowing your options to fit your goals, interests, and schedule might take a lot of work.

Advantages of Learning HR Analytics Courses India

  • Understand the “What” and “How” of data collecting as you explore, analyze, and solve business challenges with analytical tools like R and advanced Excel.
  • HR that focuses on the result
  • Acquire expert knowledge on Data Measuring and Analysis Best Practices.
  • Specific, Quantitative Goals for Human Resources
  • Learn to make sound financial decisions based on data analytics to boost your company’s bottom line.
  • Provides a Predictive Model to Help with Adjustment to Macro Changes
  • Increase market share through data-driven decisions.

Best HR Analytics Course with Placement

Henry Harvin Education offers India’s finest HR Analytics Courses instruction. In addition, the Certified HR Analytics (CHRG) Course curriculum and training facilities Henry Harvin Education provide are superior. The institution has received ISO 29990:2010 certification. Henry Harvin Education has also been honored with the Top Corporate Training Award. Several associations are affiliated with the institution, including UKAF, UKCert, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, MSME, and PMI. Check out the 200-plus YouTube endorsements, 1400-plus Google reviews, and 4.5-star ratings on Trustpilot, GoOversea, and Goa Board for additional evidence of Henry Harvin’s prominence and accomplishments.

Henry Harvin Education is recognized as one of India’s foremost providers of HR Analytics instruction. Our instructors are meticulously chosen to provide world-class training from the comfort of your favored armchair at home. Trainers for the HR Analytics Course are seasoned professionals with over 12 years of experience. In addition to delivering over 500 lectures, they have provided 150 keynote speeches.

Benefits of Henry Harvin’s HR Analytics course with placement

  • You must enroll in one of the recommended HR Analytics Courses to qualify for the One-Year Gold Membership.
  • E-learning Access from Henry Harvin Education allows you to view recorded lectures, PowerPoint presentations, and other materials.
  • Henry Harvin (approved by the Government of India) will issue each student a Certificate of HR Analytics Training once they have successfully finished the course. It’s a great addition to a job application or LinkedIn profile.
  • Henry Harvin’s Human Resource Analytics Course features internships as a learning component. Internships like this allow students to put what they’ve learned in the classroom into practice.
  • Henry Harvin Education provides students with resources like boot camps and hackathons even after they’ve started working.
  • In addition, they provide EMIs at 0% interest with complete disclosure (no extra fees).
  • Companies like Amazon, Google, and JP Morgan regularly recruit from Henry Harvin Education’s student body.
  • Improve your standing in the job market by standing out from the crowd.
    Course Duration: 90 hrs
    Fees: 44,500


To sum up, HR Analytics training is now on the rise. One can readily seize possibilities worldwide if they have the necessary abilities and professional expertise. Every company needs a human resources specialist who is well-trained and up-to-date to help it adapt to the shifting demands of the global market.
To maximize your contribution to the company’s bottom line, now is the time to enroll in the available professional development course. So, to find the best training program for you and to attract employment chances, you should look at the course curriculum and the advantages you acquire from the course.


Ques: What credentials are required for HR analytics?
Ans: Minimum Qualifications Required: Bachelor’s degree, education/experience/training equivalent. Moreover, aspirants Require at least two years of HR functional experience (e.g., employment, compensation, benefits, learning, employee data), preferably as an analyst or coordinator for a large multi-state organization.

Ques: Is HR analytics training worthwhile?
Ans: HR analytics can provide valuable insights into employee behavior, performance, and productivity, enabling organizations to make personnel decisions based on data. When analyzing employee data, it is essential to use the appropriate HR analytics tools to ensure data privacy and ethical considerations.

Ques: How can I start my journey in the field of HR analytics?
Ans: Determine the varieties of human resources analytics positions you wish to pursue. Adapt your resume and LinkedIn profile to your desired roles by incorporating keywords from job descriptions. Identify the companies recruiting for HR analytics positions and network with their professionals and hiring managers.