If money was not an issue, what would you be doing right now? #questionoftheweek

Hi Pangians! This is one of the most important questions that helped figure out what I want to do in life. Over to you:

If money was not an issue, what would you be doing right now?

Traveling the world, randomly helping people.

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Traveling the country in a travel trailer and writing and publishing science fiction novels.

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Working with high school and college students.

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Making 3D scenes, objects, animations in Blender, for science and art. Making videos explaining ideas in math, science. Humorous shorts to show at film fests. Also working on sound design, music synths, make VST modules for audio software. Make open source software tools for doing these things. Maybe physical art such as acrylic abstract paintings to show & sell - I’ve done that before and it’s a nice extra side activity.

Unfortunately, most of the things I’d like to do don’t pay very well, or have a lot of competition, and take pretty much full time effort practicing, trying things, and managing business. To stay alive I must earn money full time doing things that actually pay decently, where I might get to do some 3D or audio work, but usually 90% of my time isn’t like that.


I would love to put up an animal shelter, or volunteer to help rescue abused animals from parks, streets and zoos.


That actually exactly what I learned about myself this year!

Money isn’t actually an issue for me, at the moment (at least until next March!). I left my job in March and since live in Germany, unemployment for the first year is 70% of your previous (net) monthly salary. I wouldn’t call this generous because you do pay a very large monthly sum while you’re working. It’s basically like state income insurance.

Since I haven’t had the pressure of worrying about basic expenses for the last few months, I spent the time doing a web development course, improving my (professional) website/portfolio, my blog, learning more about social media and working on creative projects (especially my novel and short stories).

And essentially, that’s exactly the mix I want. Essentially, lots of writing, coding, working on creative projects. I’m not crazy about social media if I’m honest, but I don’t mind a little bit to maintain connections.

However, since I’ve not been working at a regular job I’ve noticed one thing: I really, really miss working and collaborating with a great team. I had that at my last job and only left because they wanted to change my contract from permanent to freelance (WTF), so I took that as a massive red flag and left.

So, if money weren’t an issue I would probably love to do about 50% of my own projects (more on the creative/art side of things) and 50% still working on marketing and/or software for open source projects.

Bit of a long-winded answer, but being unemployed this year really gave me a great insight into what I’m looking for. So yeah, short answer: I would still be working, quite a lot!


I’d probably be teaching kids how to code and design.

I’d be traveling the world enjoying the life and also helping people to reach their goals.

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Hi @liamhennessy wow what a great time of self-discovery and adventure in life. Web development sounds like a great option as pretty much anyone is looking for a great software engineer.

Also, you mentioned you live in Germany - we just got a great job opening for an Account Manager for a person with both English and German language skills. This is more a lead generation/sales position so maybe not the best fit for you - but check it out and feel free to share with your friends. This job is 100% remote and can be done from anywhere in the world.

@diegopolidosantana that sounds amazing. What’s your dream destination to visit?

Thanks Mag, I will check that out. Surprisingly, I see a lot of Account Manager (and Sales) jobs specifically hiring people who work from home (yet for some weird reason they are never explict about it marketing roles.

Just me and my dog rolling the open roads in Mobius Tripp letting my biologist out! Love to be able to document it and create nature education materials.

I would not be where I am now if it were not for blue highways. The hours of solitude and being a speck in the dirt gave me the insight and motivation to go to school for biology.


Travelling the world and helping people😑
Especially helping people!

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Soon to be hero! Hope you can visit Philippines too :slight_smile:

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I would be filled with unexplainable joy if I can visit there, trust me

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I would be happy too!

I would probably take a year off and figure things out, taking a breath and enjoy not having the pressure of having to make money to survive.

I’d probably spend a ton of time with my family, probably put more hours on my game development project that never gets anywhere :smiley:

I’d also probably take more time to be an activist. I’m politically involved but it’s hard to find time for things like that.


I’m amazed that you still want to be politically involved despite you already had money.

Besides spending as much time with my family as possible. I would be discussing with my family about where we would like to travel for our summer or winter trip. When not exploring I would probably be listening to music, maybe finally take the time to sit and learn how to create music. It would probably be one of the many EDM genres that I would learn. When I wouldn’t be doing that I would probably dive more into learning about a different culture’s history or what is going on in the space/science industry.
This one just hit me. I would even try getting into doing some gigs being an extra in a show or film again.

Like @darenscot, at least at this point in time in my life, doing this isn’t very feasible since the music and film industry is hard and I can’t get paid for learning.