Introducing myself to the Pangian family 😎

Hello all, I am new to pangian.

Little about myself I am British born but move out of England when I was 21 years old and I was lucky to travel the world. After a job opportunity at age 24 years, I moved to Germany and been liven the last 15 years. This was not a planned thing but Germany has become my home. I study Retail sales and retail Management. Now I am 39 years old and I wanted to change my working career. As I became bored of sales and wanted to be more creative with a passion in modern and future technology I decided to retrain myself as UX/UI Designer. I was very lucky to be accepted into CareerFoundry learning UX/UI Design. In May this year, I completed my studies and now I am on the hunt for UX / UI Designer role. So that me if you want to know more about me do get in contact :grin: