Introducing myself

Hi, all. I’m new to Pangian. Was recommended by another Pangian member.

A bit about myself. I started a Marketing Agency in January, that Specializes in Web Design, SEO, and Online Strategy Consulting. I still work a 9-5, but as I get more clients, I’ll be full time on the Agency.

In communities like this, I love to give advice and share my knowledge to help them push forward to success.

I also love woodworking, lol.

Any advice and tips for this area?

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Hi @WaveRIM welcome to our remote tribe! Awesome to have you with us!

Congrats on starting your Marketing Agency and keeping the hustle going as you work your 9-5. I’ve been now working remotely for over 9 years and I truly cannot imagine my life without that freedom.

Advice… depends on your challenges… but here are few resources:

Check out our Pangian remote job board as we post new jobs daily:

When it comes devevloping your markeitng chops, I am not sure if you like Gary V - but he is a great marketer and he has a good FB Group - it’s worth joining:

Finally, if you need any help getting started in remote work (resume, insider tips, etc) check out our Pangian Remote Academy as we have lots of free resources there:

Ps. Any pics of your woodworking you can share? :slight_smile:

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Hi Everyone, I love the aura in this community. My name is Christie a mother of three and a wife too. Currently working with a stealth start up company based in the USA but I reside in Nigeria. I would love to expand my horizon on remote work. My expertise lies in customer relations , international development, I love to volunteer where an opportunity arises, and I’m looking forward to pursue a masters in engineering with my administration background regards


Hi @WaveRIM! Congrats on the gradual expansion of your business! I’m very interested on how SEO works, honestly, I don’t know where to start but I really want to be good at it. any tips? reference? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Welcome to Pangians!

Hi @Ceedeez1! Welcome to the tribe! We are a family here! Always feel at home! We have lot’s of Customer Support jobs on our job board. Click here

SEO is a big learning curve and must stay on top with any changes happening, but once you grasp the gist of it, it’s pretty easy. It boils down to the strategy. There isn’t a “one size fits all”.

It’s been some time since I made this post. I am currently focussed on web designing and creating lead gen websites using SEO.

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So glad that you’re still able to reply after a long time. Thank you for your advice and I’ll start on the basics of SEO. Goodluck on your career.


I am new Pangian as so many of you are as well. After losing my job last May, I stepped into freelancing full time.

I have spent my career working with start up’s & entrepreneurs, helping them build their business and grow their brands, with no foundation to build on. I have been a part of starting two start up’s myself.

I have spent 22 years marketing everything imaginable. I now help create digital marketing strategies for start up’s & entrepreneurs to generate results in social media and content marketing, and hopefully drive sales.

I would love to connect with everyone here!