Ipad Pro as a Laptop replacement

I’m looking to buy an iPad to use as my computer for work and I’m after some opinions. I’ll be writing documents and emails, producing presentations in powerpoint or the likes and some excel stuff.

I was wondering if it’s capable as a computer day to day. Won’t be editing video or photo on it but connecting to a projector to present.

Thank you in advance.


Hmm… the actual truth is that iPad can never serve as a laptop at least for now, not even the Chrome Tablet cos they have limited storage capacity, when you run out of storage space you will be forced to get an external drive. Also, since you will be typing and preparing PowerPoint presentations you sure need the keyboard and mouse.

So I will advise you to go for ultra-slim laptops or hp Pro books instead of iPad or Tablet.
For convenience, yes iPad has it, but can not actually serve the purpose of day to day office work, and also your device needs to have an HDMI port so you can connect to projectors.

iPad is better used for video conferencing, face chat, surfing, and responding to emails.

For your type of day to day work, you will need the keyboard, mouse, HDMI port and probably need to install some applications like article writers or spinners. Only laptops or Detachable Laptops and pro books will give you these functionalities in one.


Hi @nelvingonzales,

Great question and one that many remote workers ask!

I am heavily involved in technology and I can say that currently there are no tablets (iOS or Android) that can replace a laptop.

There are many limitations. One of the main issues is incompatibility with software if you need to install certain apps to complete certain tasks you will not have that capability. In addition, most companies require the use of Chrome browser (desktop and not mobile app) for security policies and to e able to provide remote support.

If the device that you will be using is for work it is never recommended to relate on any tablet.

If you are looking for something that is lightweight and portable the best is to go with an ultra-thin laptop (such as Microsoft Surface) the goal is to make sure that the device can run applications that are designed to work with desktop operating systems.

I hope this helps.


Yes, rightly said. the Microsoft Surface or any of the Detachables would be the best choice here.

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Thanks @o.bunmi60, Thanks for your reply, I really appreciate it and will consider it.

Thank you @Rick, This really helps.

I saw this on Amazon and it’s very powerful and expensive as well :grin:

Which did you choose to get for the Microsoft Surface?
you can as well checkout Lenovo Detachables too.

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I i’d go with budget friendly Ipad and I’ll keep my old computer as well. Another thing that I want to do with ipad is digital arts, I love to be a procreate artist someday. I read that as long as it was updated to iPadOS13 if I not mistaken, it can perform light computer tasks.

Good choice then, keeping the old laptop.

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thanks @o.bunmi60, actually, I was planning to give my computer to my cousin for their online class (new educational set up due to Covid19), but since Ipad will not be a good replacement, I’ve decided to keep it.

Awww… I hope they would be able to get another laptop for their studies.

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Thanks! We’ll get trough this tough times!