Is anyone looking for a healthcare or IT remote job?

We would like to know if you are looking for a new remote job.

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Hello, I am interested and available for remote jobs in IT.
I have 8 years experience working in hospital, I help develop, implement and manage electronic health records (EHR), mobile and telemedicine application.
I will be glad to discuss job opportunities with you.


Yes- I’m interested. Master Degree in Software Engineering with 7+ years of experience in Healthcare IT (RCM, Provider/Payer, 835 Testing, State Reporting, etc.) along with technical expertise of agile methodologies, database, etc.

Yes, 5 years of experience in medical fill and one year working as assistant in healthcare remotely.

Yes! I’m a Python Web Developer with 6+ years of experience, and I’m currently looking for a remote gig in programming. I’ve also found some job boards, like Flexjobs, or IT staffing companies that offer tech jobs, but it’d be great to have your contact.
Please, reach out to me if you’re interested in someone with my knoledge :wink: jobs avail

Python jobs available

Job board available

Revvmote jobs available

Contact me

Hello I’m interested and readily available for the remote position

Remote jobs avail

Your email Job board available kindly find my email

Hi there! I’m a psychologist with Master’s degree in psychology and Neuroscience and 6 years of experience. Looking for any health related remote jobs. email me