Is IIM SKILLS Fake? Understand From A Student Point Of View

A legitimate institute that has the welfare of the students as a top priority has some distinguishing characteristics that set it apart from other institutes. Here we will delineate 15 of the most distinctive qualities of IIM SKILLS, the leading online institute today to help you understand the vision of the institute so that you make an informed decision on whether to enroll for the professional courses offered.

IIM SKILLS has seen unprecedented success over the last few years in terms of student placement and student success. Their training programs coupled with faculty assistance and soft skills training have helped many in their journey towards a successful professional life.

However, you might have doubts regarding the claims and promises made by IIM SKILLS since the fact is there are umpteen institutes that promise the same or even more advantages of taking up their courses.

So here we are breaking down each facet of IIM SKILLS to offer you a comprehensive understanding of why to enroll in their training programs.

IIM SKILLS’ commitment to academic excellence is evident in its experienced faculty and team members. These teachers are not only highly qualified in their respective domains but also dedicated to nurturing a students’ mind thereby propelling intellectual growth.

Choosing the right online institute is a pivotal decision that will significantly impact a student’s academic growth and professional success. With the proliferation of both online and offline institutes, it has become imperative to identify the genuine ones from the fake ones. This brings us to the question


IIM SKILLS Mission in a Gist

IIM SKILLS is characterized by a combination of qualities that sets it apart as a trusted online reputable institute. IIM SKILLS flagship courses help students with upskilling at their own time thereby eliminating the stress and worries associated with whether a student is missing out on important lectures and chapters. Students go through rigorous evaluations to ascertain their strengths and weaknesses, faculty members are approachable and help with grasping the most complex concepts with ease., and the overall educational quality is impeccable ensuring that IIM SKILLS adheres to the best practices. With over 8 years of experience in the ed-tech industry, IIM SKILLS believes in evolving and meeting the criteria that make it one of the top online institutes in the world. The glowing reviews, testimonies, and media coverage ensures its legitimacy and also validate the value they provide.

IIM SKILLS is known for providing top-quality education in different professional courses. The training programs offered at IIM SKILLS are as follows:

Marketing Programs

  1. Digital Marketing Master Course

  2. Advanced Search Engine Optimization Program

  3. Artificial Intelligence Marketing Professional

Writing Programs

  1. Content Writing Master Course

  2. Technical Writing Master Course

Finance Programs

  1. Business Accounting and Taxation Course

  2. Investment Banking Course

  3. Financial Modelling Course

  4. GST Certification Course

  5. Tally Advanced Course

  6. Data Analytics Course

Below are enumerated 15 points that will provide you with clarity on the whether you should enroll for a professional training program at IIM SKILLS.

1. Accreditation and Recognition

A vital sign of a real educational institute is its accreditation by recognized accrediting bodies. Why? Because accreditation ensures that the institute is genuine, adheres to quality standards and best practices, and has an updated curriculum, qualified faculty, and top-grade facilities. IIM SKILLS Courses are all in alignment with top corporations like META, and Hubspot, and is aligned with the MSME Government of India. This is proof enough that the institute is genuine and offers courses that are recognized by the thought leaders and top corporate entities in the industry.

2. Dedicated, Experienced, and Qualified Faculty

IIM SKILLS boasts of a faculty comprising experts in their domains with ample experience. These instructors bring expertise and real-world experience to the table. They offer higher-quality learning to students ensuring that they get an all-round knowledge on the topic. They also conduct special classes for a superior understanding of the topics.

3. Well-Designed and Aptly Curated Curriculum

IIM SKILLS offers a well-designed curriculum that aligns with industry trends and relevant knowledge. The programs are up-to-date and tailored to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their careers. Moreover the curriculum is updated regularly to ensure that all new information is incorporated so that students don’t miss out on any key information related to their field. They have a rating of 4.9+ on all popular platforms.

4. Access to E-portal and study materials.

IIM SKILLS LMS and the features provided in it lend credibility to the institute. The LMS is probably one of the best features of the institute since it comes with a plethora of advantages.

First, the LMS is accessible to students at any point and from any device. The LMS is available for lifetime access without any cost. It is free for students and available as soon as you register for the course.

Also, this LMS is perfectly organized helping you to easily navigate to the study materials, missed class sessions, notes, slides, presentations, and any new information that is saved in the LMS for your benefit. You also get access to previous batch class recordings that can further bolster your knowledge and skillsets.

5. Transparency

Transparency leads to fostering trust in the authenticity of an institute. IIM SKILLS provides clear and easily accessible information about its courses, practical assignments, projects, admission criteria, course fees, discounts, scholarship assistance, faculty profiles, and other significant details on the official website. Conversely, you can email them or call them to get detailed information on the above-mentioned topics.

6. Alumni Success Stories

IIM SKILLS website has alumni success stories delineated. However, you can also connect with their ex-students on various platforms to know about their accomplishments and the assistance provided by IIM SKILLS. IIM SKILLS has tried mo0re than 35000 students in 10000+ sessions and conducted hours of practical training on virtual assignments.

One of IIM SKILLS’ greatest strengths is its strong alumni network with accomplished professionals. This shows IIM SKILL’s commitment to nurturing the students and preparing them for a successful career. Through valuable, high-quality education, and strategies and suggestions, IIM SKILLS enables the students to become confident in their abilities to prosper in their respective fields.

7. Placement Assistance and Partnerships

Tie-ups with reputed institutions for internships and job placements, and collaborations with recognized institutes and companies can be a strong indicator of an institute’s authenticity. IIM SKILLS has partnered up with 350+ companies big, medium, and small enterprises to help students secure high-paid positions after successful completion of the courses. This enhances the career prospects of students and provides the institute with the necessary credibility.

8. Honest Financial Information

IIM SKILLS is upfront about tuition fees, exam fees, discounts, scholarships, and additional costs. They provide detailed information about options available to you and ensure that you have complete clarity on how much costs you have to incur in total when you enroll in their training programs.

9. Adherence to Best Practices

IIM SKILLS adheres to the best practices integral to maintaining the quality and reputation of the institute. Clarity on the admission process and detailed idea about the programs are provided. To mitigate any doubts, they also offer a free demo session before you enroll in the program, thereby giving you an idea of exactly what to expect from the program.

10. Student Support

This is one area where IIM SKILLS scores the highest probably. The student support service at IIM SKILLS is exemplary offering ex and present students with all the facilities to further strengthen their knowledge. IIM SKILLS institutes prioritize student well-being and betterment above everything else. They offer soft skills training, career counseling, advising, and career guidance to ensure that the students have a thorough understanding of the challenges of the corporate world and can handle them with ease. They also have WhatsApp groups and access to job portals where students can get information on new job openings regularly.

11. Constant Research

The quality of research is a much-needed and underrated feature. IIM SKILLS not only promotes research and innovation but is actively involved in its own research of the industry and emphasizes bringing positive changes to improve the quality of learning.

12. Inclusion and Diversity

IIM SKILLS is a global online institute that promulgates a diverse and inclusive learning environment. In the immersive virtual learning methodology, every student is given the same meticulous attention and care that reflects their genuine commitment to providing education to anyone interested in learning and upskilling.

13. Special Features

In order to maintain the standard of education, IIM SKILLS offers special features like dedicated classes and special modules for advanced learning, important case studies, and carefully designed practical projects that encompass everything you learn in your courses. You get regular assessment tests and mentoring sessions, discussion sessions with peers and faculty members to brainstorm and strengthen your skills. IIM SKILLS also gives access to advanced tools for free to help students become adept at handling and managing these tools and eventually collating vast amounts of information effortlessly.

14. Updated Technology and Security

IIM SKILLS invests in incorporating modern technology and updating their learning resources regularly to maintain impeccable education standards and a hassle-free smooth experience for the students. This shows their commitment to ensuring that students have at their disposal all the tools and applications they require for a seamless learning experience. All the sites come with https protection and secure SSL certification ensurs that your information is safe and whichever portal you access is encrypted with proper security measures.

15. Open to Feedback and Changes

As reiterated, IIM SKILLS continuously assesses its course modules, and training programs and seeks feedback from students, thought leaders, and faculty to identify any challenges and to improve on the same. This dedication to enhancing the learning experience is a mark of their commitment to providing a superior learning experience and improving the overall standard of education.

IIM SKILLS’ ex-students have glorious reviews for the institute and its mentors. The support desk is available to students 24*7 and promptly attends to questions and queries. The media coverage and alumni reviews are a testament to IIM SKILLS’ effectiveness in preparing students, and working professionals for successful careers.

IIM SKILLS does not discriminate based on educational qualification, age, or experience. Anyone from students to retired individuals can sign up for highly prospective professional courses, complete the courses and start earning. Today’s world is a goldmine of opportunities. It does not discriminate based on age or educational qualifications. If you are efficient, knowledgeable, and bring uniqueness to the table, you can start earning even after you’ve retired from a regular job. IIM SKILLS helps you to leverage the benefit of this very opportunity available to you today so that you are financially stable and can enjoy life while earning and working in the fields you enjoy the most.


The points mentioned above will provide you with a clear understanding of what to expect from IIM SKILLS. However, when you wish to enroll for the course, we recommend you talk to the counselors at the institute, and get a thorough idea of the course structure through discussions and the demo session. Only when you are completely certain that your objectives align with their vision enroll for the courses and embark on your journey towards a great career and financial freedom.