Is Pangian really helpful and/or relevant?

I’ve been a member of Pangian for quite some time. The jobs are either not relevant to me, or I could see better job positions in indeed, Torre,, Linkedin, and even craigslist.

Sad!! Disappointed!!!

Hi @amittiwari thanks for letting us know. At Pangian we bring over 1000+ new, highly verified remote jobs at reputable companies and we are working in bringing even more. And while hundreds of Pangians already landed remote jobs - there is no doubt as we grow our goal is to bring even more employers. Meaning if the job is actually offered by employers - we try to bring it.

What type of job are you looking for and finding on other sites but not on Pangian?


Pangian is helpful, it offers remote jobs from best companies that offers remote opportunities. It also serves as bridge to digital nomads around the world and give them the chance to collaborate and be connected. :slight_smile:


Pangian is helpful because of Mag :slight_smile:


Yes, She’s an inspiration to us.

When I look at the listings they are old. I searched around your content and I checked the linkedin portion as well, I don’t see any opportunities to work at home, nothing is current?

Hi @dansalespro Mag Boron here, founder of Pangian! Great to have you in our remote tribe!

Here is quick info: ALL jobs on Pangian are remote (meaning work from home). You can see that with a tag: “Remote” in each job title. That is the only job we share. We curate, verify every single job and every job runs through an ongoing QA process. We share now over 1500 new remote jobs per month. While some jobs may go off the market as employers fill the positions these are all active positions. Can you give me a few links to jobs are referring to so I can take a look?

I find Pangian excellent for swapping endorsements on Linkedin. That has been a concrete help in finding a new role .


Very helpful and useful platform.


@jessciaharvid indeed :slight_smile: