Leveraging Unusual Backgrounds

How do you guys leverage the nonprofessional parts of your background when applying for jobs? For example, I’ve been teaching martial arts for 20 years and am always the one learning the rules when my board game group picks up a new game. This makes me adept at relating complex, unfamiliar concepts to people in a way they will understand.


Hi @lawrencegrabowski, Nice to meet you! I’m a volleyball player for 8 years, most of my teammates are now gone, other joined other team, while other chose to focus on their jobs, with this experience, I trained myself as a universal player who can play all position. Just like on a corporate set up, as much as possible, I want to familiarize myself on other function so when the time they need someone to fill in that position, I’m ready to step up and wear that shoes. :slight_smile:


Before landing my remote career with a tech company in 2019, I had spent a long number of years freelancing while bicycling around the world. So, my employment history was pretty bare for a number of years outside of random freelance projects. However, I found that companies liked seeing this varied and unique story of cycling and the interesting opportunities it brought me to. I also explained how cycling taught me patience, networking, resourcefulness, resilience and much more. So, as long as you can highlight how your unique history taught you things that will apply to the position you are gunning for, I think it could actually look even more attractive than someone who spent years and years in one corporate position with one company.


Hi, your success story is one of favorite! Very inspiring!

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