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Do you have LinkedIn premium? They have so many workshops and courses… where to start?
If you come across something useful, share it here! I’ll start.

Pitching yourself
How to answer the question - “Tell me about yourself”

Start by talking about what you want to do next.
No one cares what you have done in the past.
Talk about why you are the right person for the job to give people the opportunity to take a chance on you. Use this strategy:

  1. Start with your destination - where you want to go
  2. Describe your backstory
  3. Connect the dots
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Do you promote remote work or work from home for Digital Marketing specialist (Google ads, Data Analytics).

Please reply.

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I am not sure I understand, but I think you want to know if I’m a recruiter? I do not recruit remote work candidates. I am a remote social media specialist looking for new opportunities.

This is my profile

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Thank you for sharing!