Looking for a Remote Internship [Java-based]

Hi, I am Mert. I’m living in Istanbul / Turkey and I’m looking for a paid internship job to both improve my Java skills (and more) and be a promising member in a good company.

I am hopeful on applying to your community, where it values ardent code learners and offers future opportunities. As an auto-didact Java learner, I have demonstrated a passion for learning and a drive to succeed in the tech industry. With my background in classical philology and fluency in Ancient Greek and Latin, I have honed my skills in language acquisition, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

During my time as a Java learner, I have gained experience in developing software applications, albeit these apps being little for universe but firm steps for my learning, using programming languages such as Java, and working with databases. I am eager to continue learning and growing as a developer, and I am confident that my strong work ethic and ability to learn quickly will make me a valuable asset to a good team/company.

As a former classical philologist, I have developed a deep appreciation for the importance of language and communication. I understand the value of clear, concise communication in both written and verbal forms, and I am committed to upholding this standard in all aspects of my work. Furthermore, my experience in classical philology has honed my attention to detail, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities, which are all essential skills in the tech industry.

If you are looking for an intern, or you come across with a related job ad, please let me know !
Mail: ibrahimmertinan@gmail.com

Thanks in advance !