Looking for a remote job as Android Developer or Web Developer

I am Mohamed from Egypt , I have more than 3 years experience in Android and Web Development and this after career shift as my main Bachelor’s was on another field not related to programming which was pharmacy but i found after that i like programming too much and start learning by self learning and worked as developer for about 3 years or more . i am so happy to join great team and to make difference with great people . my level is mid-level and thanks to all

I am working as freelancer Android , java and Web Developer since 2015 .

My Skills including the following with different experience levels :
Java , Java EE , HTML , CSS , PHP , Javascript , Jquery , Ajax , Dart , Flutter , Laravel ,
Vue.js , Native Android Applications , MVC , MVP , Android Studio , Netbeans , Eclipse ,
Brackets , Visual Studio Code , Sphinx Search Engine , Tigase XMPP Server , Openfire
XMPP Server , Firebase , Deploying Web Applications on VPS , Linux Mint , Linux
Ubuntu , Photoshop , Illustrator , Google Developer Tools , Learning , Teaching , Team
Player , Basic Understanding of Rx Java , Sockets , Data Structures and Algorithms .
My Profile at pph :

You should probably list your web and mobile skills (e.g. languages, libraries, frameworks, mobile first, responsive, design…). That will generate more interest.

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thanks too much for your valuable advice and i will edit it , many thanks

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