Looking for opportunity to work as Database Developer

Hi, I am experienced professional on data base development, report development and data integration and this is my specialization. I am working into this area from last 20 years. MS SQL, SSRS, SSIS, SSAS, Tableau, Google Data Studio is my core strength. I am available full time

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Hi do you have anything for me or know anyone who might have . I am from technical background getting started in this field.

You will need to explain what your skill sets are before anyone can help you. Just saying “technical” isn’t enough, I’m afraid. Sorry!

Hi @shankeragarwal

I’m a bit confused, which part of this field you’ve just get started and which one you have 20yrs of experience?

Have you also checked StackOverFlow Jobs? It worth to check it as your area is specific for data science, data analysis. Certainly you’ll find more details on these platforms as well as Reddit.

Also, here on Pangian there are some tech companies hiring developers, but you can take the advantage and look for more details at their websites if there’s any related job where you can fit in.

Hey Sorry I haven’t checked Pangian awhile . I have a bachelors degree in Computer Science and few work experience (in the field of DBMS) on Upwork platform. To be honest I am bit struggling to find work on any freelance sites for last couple of weeks. If you ask me about my skills, I will say I do have fundamental knowledge about core Java, CCNA and Database Administration (NoSQL,Oracle ,MySQL etc) . I am open to any entry level jobs (IT Support ,DBA etc)

Hope you have something for me.



Hi @bishwajitpaul just be patient on checking our Job board and applying those jobs that will fit to your skill set. The more application sent, the more chances to be interviewed.