Looking for Remote Work Advice


I’m new here. I’m looking for advice on getting a remote job in copywriting, writing/editing, or digital marketing. I have a BA in English and a background as a freelance copywriter and an indie writer/publisher. I want to work remotely so that my wife and I can live on the road, but I need a better paying job. I currently work in a field that has nothing to do with my passion. I suspect the same things keeping me from a regular brick and mortar job are what’s keeping me from a remote job. Whatever those are. I just need some advice and guidance. If someone could look at my resume or just give me some pointers, that would be great. I’m frustrated and tired of being broke. I just feel stuck.



Hi @jamespalmer nice to meet you and great to have you in our remote tribe.

If you need any help - please check out our Pangian Remote Academy. There is a whole section with free video advice I recorded. I’ve been working remotely for 9+ yrs and and can’t wait to see everyone at Pangian working remotely.

Here is the link: https://pangian.com/academy-remote-work/


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Hi @jamespalmer!

I know there are jobs out there in the areas you mentioned, but I also know this:
A job posted nationally gets responses from experts across the nation, so you’re competing against (some, not all) very qualified people. If it’s globally available, there’s even more competition.

You’ll need to figure out how to make your resume shine and showcase your areas of expertise in such a way that you get interviews.

My suggestion is try to find a local job for what you want to do. After you get that, look at telecommute jobs so that you have a steady coming in while you try to become a telecommuter.

If you need help with your resume, you’ll need to post a link to it for people to look at.

Also, if you skate backwards several months here, you’ll find a couple of messages I posted with advice. One tidbit is this: customize your cover letter to each employer.

I wish you success!