Looking for Remote Work in Shopify Store Development/Designing/Management or Digital Marketing Field

Hey Pangians!

Greetings to Y’all. This is my first post after being here as a lurker for a long time.

Directly coming to the point, I’m pretty much experienced in Shopify Store Development/Designing/Management as well as created a ton of sites (around 25+) so far, for myself as well as clients. (Willing to share samples too, upon request)

For myself, I used to run dropshipping businesses and have made over $200K (approx $210000) in revenue from single stores with help of my marketing team, so I know how it all works and can help you out in building/running the stores.

Along with that, if you need digital marketing help for any of your businesses which includes doing ads or creating funnels or just creating quality content and social media management, I can help you out with that too. I’ve got a big skillset and I’m really motivated to work with y’all.

You may ask, why am I not working for myself? Because businesses are volatile and I’m looking to make some good stable income side by side so I don’t have to worry about going broke with no backup options (eg. Job!) which is why I’m looking for some remote work.

Please let me know if you have any jobs or referrals who can help me out here, I’d really appreciate it!

Shoutout to @Mag for creating such an amazing platform for enthusiasts and digital nomads like us. A big Thanks to you!

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